Letter: Ridgefield resident supports Sean McEvoy for Ridgefield Board of Education

This November, I heartily endorse incumbent Sean McEvoy for Ridgefield Board of Education. Through my tenure on the BOE, Sean consistently supports students, teachers and administration of Ridgefield. His tenacious reminders to focus on children, his engagement across Ridgefield and his lack of partisanship are critically important to maintain balance for Ridgefield.

While other members of the current BOE focus on party politics, Sean publicly supported decisions that were best for Ridgefield. He challenged "caucus" based decisions on multiple occasions. Sean was integral to hiring our excellent superintendent after years of turnover that negatively impacted our children and teaching staff. He was integral to the appointment of Divya Dorairajan, supporting deliberate diversity of experience on our BOE. Sean continues to protect Ridgefield schools from invasive legislation to "fill every seat" at classroom capacity via Open Choice.

Sean’s focus on a balanced budget enhances our ability to continue as an employer of choice; allowing our students the best teaching staff. Sean has been instrumental in negotiating critical contracts both for staff and vendors, ensuring our dollars are used where they most belong.

Sean has a strong voice, ringing out on issues that will negatively impact RPS. He is not afraid to challenge status quo, call out hypocrisy and personal and political agendas. The role of the BOE is to enable our administration; Sean constantly works to build strong relationships with our administrators, collaborating in their success, while representing families throughout the community.

Sean continues to give his time as a volunteer across Ridgefield, demonstrating his commitment to the future of our town. He takes time out to participate in legislative updates, Ridgefield Prevention Council meetings, and serves as a director of CERT. I’m proud to serve with Sean McEvoy, and his presence on the BOE continues to move RPS forward positively.

Elizabeth Floegel
West Mountain Road
Vice Chair, Ridgefield Board of Education


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