Ridgefield Letter: Wyatt Lipman and Jonathan Paradiso—-A Breath of Fresh Air

Teaching has changed a bit since I was a teacher,  but what hasn’t changed is that teachers are still the lifeblood of every school. Ridgefield’s excellent educators deserve to be invested in and respected, and that’s why I’m supporting Wyatt Lipman and Jonathan Paradiso for the Board of Education. As a retired teacher,  I think their priorities are spot on.

They both believe in investing in teachers’ success because that translates directly to students’ success. They’ll support cultivating innovative curricula because our world is changing very quickly, and they‘ll promote communication between parents and teachers since that’s crucial. Both are dads of young children, so I’m confident they’re invested in the success of our next generation. Wyatt and Jonathan are by far the best candidates I’ve seen for BOE in a long time. Wyatt Lipman and Jonathan Paradiso will breathe a breath of fresh air into the BOE, so join me in voting for them on November 7th.

Kelly Breckenridge

15 Lawson Lane, Ridgefield


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