Ridgefield Letter: Dawn-Marie, Unaffiliated so will speak for you.

Dawn-Marie has been significantly involved in our PTA for several years now, consistently supporting our students and teachers. Her ability to bring all sides of any argument to the table with reminders to focus on our children, her passion in standing up for everyone involved in their learning, and her increasing interest in how our BoE makes decisions about these things have lead her to standing in November as an unaffiliated candidate.

Being Unaffiliated means Dawn-Marie is able to speak for the many of us who are tired of local officials being tied to party lines. She will also speak for members of our community who feel they do not have a voice in the current BoE, without feeling pressure to take ‘sides’, being also a voice for our young people, who are the end users of a system they have no usual say in. 

As the parent of four fantastic humans who have all been through RPS, and one who has witnessed Dawn-Marie in action on her way to making this decision to stand, I hope you will join me in voting Dawn-Marie for BoE!

Johanna Dodd

Ridgefield, CT


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