Ridgefield Letter: Caporale, Money Deserve Re-Election

To the Editor:

I’m writing in enthusiastic support of Issy Caporale and Ralph Money for re-election to the Ridgefield Board of Police Commissioners.

The incumbents possess a unique set of public safety skills that make them ideal commissioners. In fact, Ridgefield was recently named Safest City in America, according to U.S. Census and FBI data released earlier this year. Caporale and Money are strong advocates of community policing, interviewing and hiring of 10 police officers.

Caporale, raised in Ridgefield, is a retired 25-year member of the U.S. Coast Guard and was a dispatcher at the Ridgefield Police Department for 11 years. Caporale was also a security officer at St Mary’s School in Ridgefield.

Her background provides Caporale with keen insight into the inner workings of public safety. Since being elected to the Board in 2019, Caporale has risen to be Secretary, fielding residents’ questions and concerns regarding traffic, public safety, and a host of other issues.

Money, who joined the Board in 2021, is a 13-year Ridgefield resident with a deep public safety background. He was an American Red Cross executive and disaster relief administrator, a fire commissioner, volunteer firefighter and member of the Fire & Safety Pension Board.

A strong supporter of strengthening the police department’s staffing, Money was a force behind the Town’s hiring of two additional police officers, the first additions in a decade. He also supports community policing and maintains that officers’ visible presence in town and schools is a major factor in ensuring public safety in Ridgefield.

As Commissioners, Caporale and Money keep strong values at the forefront, backing police policies anchored in service, integrity, fairness, caring, justice, and accountability.

Please join me in voting for Caporale and Money on November 7th.


Mark Seavy

88 Soundview Road

Ridgefield, CT


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