Letter to The Editor: Join me in voting for Sean McEvoy for Board of Education on November 7

I’m writing in support of Sean McEvoy, current Board of Education member, for reelection. Sean is also the Director of the town’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), which is also a very time-consuming volunteer position.

I first met Sean as part of a community effort to stop the development of a luxury winter club on Peaceable Street - a fight that the neighborhood won, and which stopped the proposed project.

I am also aligned with Sean on keeping the current school start times in place, and with the importance of spending our tax dollars responsibly and effectively.

Sean and I are also not PERFECT individuals. If you know a perfect person, I’d like to meet with them. He made a public apology for a poor choice of words.

We’ve all mangled our words at times. In these situations, all you can do is apologize and learn. Our mistakes in life are important learning lessons that teach us to be better humans.

No one should be subjected to threats, especially as the result of an unintentional mistake. Sean was trying to support one program, not disparage any other program or student.

Please join me in voting for Sean McEvoy on November 7th.

Debra Franceschini-Gatje

Ridgefield, CT


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