Ridgefield Letter: Ralph Money for Police Commission

I’ve lived in Ridgefield for 30 years, and I feel safe here. Ralph Money, a 13-year resident running for re-election to the BOPC, brings thoughtfulness and experience to his job on the Board of Police Commissioners. Our Board of Police Commissioners has a direct impact on our safety because they interview and hire all our police officers. The BOPC also allocates funding for equipment and makes sure our police department gets the best training.

Ralph’s professional background in finance and his involvement with the Red Cross and Fire & Police Pension Boards, gives him insight into balancing costs with the needs of the police department, and that serves all Ridgefielders. Ralph is a person who is truly invested in our community, giving time beyond his job as Police Commissioner to the Ridgefield Volunteer Fire Department as a scene support firefighter and EMT.

Anyone who has the chance to meet and talk with Ralph will learn he is exceptionally qualified, smart, calm and caring, and he is brimming with enthusiasm to continue his good work on the BOPC for the benefit of Ridgefield. We need responsible people making these critical decisions, and Ralph Money has my vote on November 7th.

Maureen Bartlett

Ridgefield, CT


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