Ridgefield Letter: Rudy Marconi for First Selectman

Rudy Marconi for First Selectman 

I have had the honor of knowing many outstanding leaders and public servants. In Ridgefield, we are most fortunate to have Rudy Marconi as our First Selectman.  Our community is the envy of our neighbors: a beautiful downtown, vibrant cultural attractions, restaurants and shops, excellent schools and the safest town in America. This did not happen by accident. It is the result of exceptional political leadership, wisdom, and commitment. There is no one with Rudy’s breadth and depth of knowledge and experience.

Rudy has committed to making sure Ridgefield’s future is as stellar as its present. Growth must take place in a manner that benefits the community as a whole and that meets the needs of the future: the continuation of excellence in our schools, a beautiful and vibrant downtown, and the safety of all Ridgefielders.
It is our responsibility as citizens and voters to ensure that the blessings and benefits we enjoy will be here for those who come after us.
On November 7th, please join me in voting for Rudy Marconi and the entire Democratic team on Row A. 

Arnold DiLaura 

Ridgefield, CT

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