Ridgefield Artist's Tapestry Honors Legacy of Brooke Blake, Sale Supports Children’s Brain Tumor Project

Brooke Blake, forever part of the fabric of our close-knit town

Ridgefield resident and artist Meredith Mulhearn has created a tapestry in honor of Ridgefield resident Brooke Blake who passed away in June at the tender age of 12 from a rare form of brain cancer. Brooke's courageous plight pulled at the heartstrings of the community who continue, even beyond Brooke's short time on Earth, to "Believe in Brooke".

Mulhearn wanted to create a piece of art that paid tribute to this beautiful and unforgettable young warrior who radiated hope and love.  "I knew almost instantly that I needed to make a tapestry in response to the loss of this sweet girl. A stranger that I somehow felt I knew so well," says Mulhearn.

Mulhearn knew that in order to create a successful piece, she needed to consult with Brooke’s family. "I was reluctant to approach her mom because I knew she had experienced a tremendous loss, but I felt compelled to pay tribute. I was so relieved when her mom responded with an open mind and proceeded to share stories of Brooke’s life," says Mulhearn.

Not only did she share stories, but Brooke's mom Madeline gathered together a bag of supplies for Mulhearn ... ribbons, drug prescription packages, and other assorted treasures, along with roots that she lovingly harvested from their yard.

Mulhearn explains, "It [the tapestry] reflects Brooke's triumphs and struggles, starting at the bottom of the tapestry and working its way upward. It demonstrates her powerful connection to both family and the community and captures the unconditional love shown by all those who Believe in Brooke. The roots in this piece are symbolic of Brooke’s physical connection with Earth, which tapers off gradually as she is called to heaven."

Guided by Brooke

"Once I started working I couldn’t stop. It was as if Brooke was guiding me and had something she needed to say. It was a very emotional process for me but was cathartic. I feel more connected to Brooke than ever," says Mulhearn.

Mulhearn says that while she was creating the tapestry, she found herself completely immersed and often overcome by emotion.

"There is no doubt in my mind that Brooke guided every choice I made in the creative process. It is my sincere hope that this tapestry does justice to Brooke’s life and effectively captures her spirit," she says.

Invitation to Bid and Support Children’s Brain Tumor Project at Weill Cornell

“The path of an angel: a tribute to Brooke Blake” is currently for sale and 100% of the purchase price goes to the Children’s Brain Tumor Project at Weill Cornell. 

If you want to help make a difference click here to place your bid. The winner will be announced at the next art opening at RPAC Gallery on September 24 from 6-9 pm!

To learn more about this important cause: https://weillcornellbrainandspine.org/childrens-brain-tumor-project