Mindfulness, Yoga, & More at Ridgefield Library

For the month of August, Ridgefield Library will be presenting various mindfulness and yoga classes for individuals of all experience levels. From meditation to chair yoga to crystal healing, there are a lot of options to become more in-tune with yourself, your body, and the people around you. All classes are free, but registration is recommended (and linked below). These classes will only be offered at the dates and times listed below, so clear your schedule and let's get mindful!

This program is part of the: Body, Mind and Spirit: Holistic Health and Wellness series that is made possible thanks to the Noreen L. Papa - Mothers: Live Your Life! fund.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Classes Continue on Mondays:

August 14, 21 and 28

6:30 to 7:30 PM (Note earlier time)


Join us as we continue our series of one-hour Mindfulness and Meditation classes. Meditation offers countless benefits, including improved emotional regulation, focus, resilience, compassion, and mental and physical health.

We are pleased to host the Community Mindfulness Project: a  local, secular meditation group dedicated to the study and practice of mindfulness meditation for people of all religious backgrounds. CMP's teachings draw from a variety of meditation traditions. In addition to regular, dedicated practice, the group supports new and veteran practitioners with discussion and peer-to-peer learning. Registration is recommended for each class: August 14, August 21 and August 28.  Participants can either sit on chairs or bring their own meditation cushions if they prefer to sit on the floor.

Chair Yoga

with Valerie Rich                            

Tuesday, August 15, 10:30 AM

Please register.


Ever wanted to try a Yoga class but have some restrictions or injuries?  In this introductory Chair Yoga session you will be guided through a relaxing and recharging Yoga class that is suitable for everyone and all abilities. Chair Yoga offers support in the Yoga poses and all the benefits.

In this introductory class the student will explore traditional Yoga poses breathing instruction and a short guided meditation. Come explore Yoga! It's for everyone!

Connecting to Mother Earth's Treasures: An Introduction to Using Crystals in Self-Healing

with Brenda Story                               

Tuesday, August 15, 7 PM

Please register.


In this workshop Brenda Story will teach you how to choose rocks and crystals to be your allies in self-healing and self-awareness.  

Learn to cleanse, clear, and connect with your chosen crystals.  The qualities of quartz crystals and normal, everyday rocks will be explored.



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