The Sixties Show on November 11 at The Ridgefield Playhouse: A High Energy Trip Back In Time

You are invited to The Ridgefield Playhouse on Saturday, November 11 at 8pm to see The Greatest 1960’s Musical Re-Creation Show in the World. Enter The Sixties Show. We sat down with the show visionary and creator, Craig O'Keefe, to learn more about this high-energy trip back in time. 

Is The Sixties Show a show

Yes, it is a full show.  We are known for re-creating (spot-on note-for-note) renditions of the greatest songs from the 1960’s. This includes hits, B-sides and deep album cuts, that sound just like the original recordings by the original artists. In pre-production meetings, when I plan the direction of the shows, we are meticulous and do extensive research on the precise sounds. Which type of musical or recording gear did they use? What were production techniques? How about microphone placement, equalization settings, compression settings? To help achieve this we only use vintage and vintage re-issue gear on stage, just like the original artists used in the original recordings. There really aren’t many re-creation acts that I know of that take this painstaking approach, but it’s all worth it when we achieve the desired results!  The Fab Faux (who I love) is one of the very few re-creation acts that also takes this approach.   

Do you dress in 1960's garb?

Yes. We wear authentic 60’s period costumes such as authentic mod Carnaby Street suits, which further heighten and contribute to the visual experience.  In addition to the concert experience, the show is also powerfully dramatized by a combination of narration and 60’s archival audio and newsreel footage such as old news bulletins, old commercials and key events. This whole sensory experience is designed to take the audience back in time.

And, you’re the founder! Why and how did make this happen?

Well, I have always loved and been fascinated with 60’s pop culture, the transformative history and events of the decade, and of course, the undeniably amazing music that was created. I have been a professional musician since I was a kid. Back in the day, I was in several bands and had record deals with Warner Bros Records, and BMG Records, among others. I also did lots of touring and song writing. I composed music for film, TV and commercials.

When I moved from Los Angeles to Ridgefield with my wife and kids, it really hit me that for the first time since I was 15 years old, I wasn’t in a band anymore. I really missed being in a band.  I wanted to start a band but wanted to approach it differently this time. Before we left LA, I started to put the wheels in motion to launch a multi-media production for a 1960’s musical re-creation show that would play in theaters. Much easier said than done. Since most of my musical contacts and resources to start creating something like this were back home in LA , and I was now on the east coast, I had to start from scratch. Getting the very best world-class musicians possible to be part of this was the first and most crucial part.

The band features former members of Bob Dylan’s, Roger Water’s {Pink Floyd} Ray and Dave Davies {The Kinks} bands and current members of The Smithereens. Wow! How did you get together?

 I auditioned countess musicians through an ongoing grueling audition process at studios in NYC for over 3 years. This was an arduous process.  I gradually found each musician that I knew would be right for each role in The Sixties Show. The guys are phenomenally accomplished and versatile musicians, singers, and live performers.  I was looking for musicians who shared a similar and strong sensibility for 1960’s music and pop culture - this was absolutely necessary to deliver the authenticity of the show. I’m so grateful that I found each of them, and of course, have them be a part of The Sixties Show.

Where have you performed? 

We perform at theatres everywhere.

Is this your first Playhouse show?

Yes, this is our first show at The Ridgefield Playhouse. I’m really looking forward to this show in particular as The Ridgefield Playhouse has a reputation among musicians across North America as being one the premier theatres to perform at. Since I moved to Ridgefield, I’ve seen so many great shows there. It's such a great venue to have in the town I live in! I was able to see one of my musical heroes and one of the greatest songwriters and producers of all time Brian Wilson at the Playhouse.  I still can’t believe California’s favorite son the legendry and prodigious Brian Wilson played The Ridgefield Playhouse! Alison Stockel the Executive Director consistently books the very best acts. It’s obvious that she is a very knowledgeable music person.

Best part of being part of The Sixties Show?

There are so many things that are magical each time we play. I love during moments of shows when every person in the audience is on their feet singing along to the songs. Or, when fans come up to us after the show and tell us how something in the show brought back a certain memory that made them so happy. Or, just knowing that there are other kindred 1960’s spirits just like the members of The Sixties Show in the audience that love or have a connection to the 1960’s. Getting to take the audience back in time to my favorite decade - that for me is the best par

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