Artist Opening at Sarah's Wine Bar on March 18

Artist Opening at Sarah's Wine Bar featuring new works by Rachel Volpone and Donna von Holdt on Sunday, March 18 from 3-5 pm. 

Enjoy camaraderie, snacks and a cash bar. 

Rachel Volpone Artist Statement

Inspired by intense or subtle color relationships and the physicality of the paint medium itself; each work starts off in an instinctive manner. Using trowels, brushes, rags and palette knives to apply --and remove--layers of paint to the surface, the piece starts to take shape as an individual personality emerges and the dialogue begins.

Sometimes the energy of the work is completely positive and the flow is maintained intuitively.  Othertimes, the piece is re-worked and re-worked until the puzzle of value, line, color and composition is finally resolved. Finding this balance is an integral part of the formal intellectual process; but, it is equally important to maintain an authentic emotional connection to the original impulse. Uncovering the hidden meanings and relationships between the intentional and accidental shapes on the canvas, ultimately each work aspires to reflect the complexities of the physical and spiritual world.

Donna von Holdt Artist Statement

Australian born Donna von Holdt studied fine art at the National Art School in Sydney.

She moved with her family (husband and three sons) to Connecticut in 1998. Here she found herself feeling a deep affinity for the landscapes of New England. 

The art captures a sense light that is hard to describe, utilizing an ethereal abstract style and old world methods of veiling and burnishing with various mediums. Her subjects include rural barns, meadows and pastures, marshes and moors, seascapes of Nantucket and the Eastern coastline. 

Donna worked professionally as an analytical illustrator for many years, which can sometimes express itself in her paintings but mainly, they reflect a move toward simplicity.
She jokes about her poor eyesight, for which she credits her ability to focus on mood and light without getting mired in unnecessary details.

Sarah's Wine Bar is located at 20 West Lane, upstairs from Bernard's Restaurant in Ridgefield.

Questions? Call 203-438-8282 or visit the restaurant online here.


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