Disco Skate at Winter Garden on Saturday and Support Ridgefield Interact Club

Disco Skate and Support Ridgefield Interact Club 

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 23 from 8 to 9:30 pm - enjoy the ice, lights, and action while supporting Ridgefield Interact Club.

  • Fee: $10
  • Skate Rental: $5

Please note: tonight, Friday, March 22 is Winter Garden's popular Friday Night Disco from 8:50-10:00 PM

About Ridgefield's Interact Club

The purpose of the Interact Club is to raise awareness within the Ridgefield High School community and the Ridgefield community at large about issues that concern human rights and people in need. Our international community service projects have helped people in countries plagued by famine, disease, genocide, gender discrimination, and civil war. Not only do we help those overseas, but those in our own country as well. Through fundraisers and other acts of charity we have aided countries such as India, Africa, Pakistan and in the United States. Additionally, we put on programs to educate high school students, staff, and community members on issues surrounding violations of human rights such as the Holocaust Genocide Assembly for all sophomores. Our efforts are aimed at teaching students that they are a part of a global community of humanity and that they can make a difference to make a better world.


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