Battle of the Chefs: Meet Culinary Team Sarah Bouissou and Jehan de Noüe

In a culinary showdown similar to those featured on television shows such as Top Chef and Chopped, three seasoned culinary teams will match sharp knives and quick wits for the benefit of Founders Hall in the 2019 Battle of the Chefs on Sunday, June 2, from 4 – 7 pm.

Jehan de Noüe, JSN Catering/Albano Appliance, Sal Bagliavio, Bailey’s Backyard, Bernard Bouïssou, Bernard’s of Ridgefield, Sarah Bouïssou, Sarah’s Wine Bar, Frank Bonnaudet, Sucre Sale, and Art Michaelsen, Bartolo will open a basket of surprise ingredients in front of an audience of over 200 and, in just 60 short minutes, compete to create the winning entree as judged by a panel of food experts.  Renowned judges, audience participation and the chance to provide life-long learning to over 3,600 people will make this a rollicking, mouth-watering, soul-satisfying event.

How are the chefs preparing? What is their "recipe for success"? Find out right here on HamletHub as we showcase each culinary team!

Here, we interview Chef Team Sarah and Jehan.

Sarah Bouissou, Sarah's Wine Bar

Do you know your fellow chef?

Yes, I have known Jehan since he had Chez Nous in Ridgefield.

You’ve competed in the Battle before! Did you win?


Why will you and Chef Jehan win on June 2?

Well, Bernard (my husband) Art will be tough to beat but Bernard will be in trouble if I don’t win!  I have our daughter Gabrielle for my sous chef (I asked first!)

How are you preparing for this much anticipated culinary showdown?

We can't say!

Are your kids taking sides? Any family wagers on the battle?

The Girls will all be here cheering us both on! We don’t know about any favoritism – we’ll see on June 2!

What do you hope is in your basket of surprises? Anything you don’t want?

Anything is will be fun. We are just looking to have a great day and raise some money for Founders Hall!! Hopefully there won’t be anything too weird in the basket!

Jehan de Noüe, JSN Catering/Albano Appliance

Do you know your fellow chef?

I do, yes.

You’ve competed in the Battle before! Did you win?

Yes! I won the appetizer portion.

Why will you and Chef Sarah win on June 2?

Because we are the best team!

How are you preparing for this much anticipated culinary showdown?

One word: Chilling.

What’s your recipe for success?

First to focus on consistency, and then relax. 

Battle of the Chefs is Founders Hall's marquee live culinary competition event. Now in its seventh year, the format of the 2019 Battle of the Chefs will be a first-of-its-kind: Six extraordinary chefs, who’ve competed at the event in the past, have been paired up in a random drawing. The 'dueling duos' pictured below will compete in an exciting, fast-paced cooking competition.

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*Photo credit Michele Williams Photographer


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