Inspiring Comfort Camp in August at The Lounsbury House

Everyone has a problem you don’t know about.

“Lounsbury House, Ridgefield’s community center, believes that a happier community is a healthier one and Executive Director Suzanne Brennan, is proud to host Inspiring Comfort Kids Camp with Inspiring Comfort co-founders, Jill Bornstein and Mary Perry. The skills workshop will take place in two sessions this August and will help educate youth and staff from The Boys & Girls Club of Ridgefield.

Comfort is more than sympathy or understanding,” says Ms. Bornstein, “it is connecting with a person who’s in pain in a way they know someone cares. 

Jill, along with Mike Flynn, director of RB&GC, are excited that working together will help alleviate some of the awkwardness young people may feel when someone they know is struggling or dealing with a difficult situation. 

What is comfort? Why don’t we comfort others? Why is it hard for so many – young and old? Dogs are great at comforting and the lessons that can be learned from them will a part of the program: they listen and are confidential, they recognize when you’re hurting and don’t judge; words not necessary, etc. Plans include a special comfort dog visit.

Very special thanks to Hastings, Cohan & Walsh, LLP and the Ridgefield Prevention Council for their valuable sponsorship support. As a not-for-profit, Lounsbury House depends on the support of donors to help fund programs and events that benefit the community.

Please join Lounsbury House in thanking sponsors and consider ways that we may all work together and make a positive difference -- share your ideas! Lounsbury House, 316 Main Street, Ridgefield; (203) 438-6962.

For off-hours you may always reach Suzanne Brennan at (203) 558-1977.


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