Learn about struggling readers and dyslexia at Ridgefield Library tomorrow

Identification & Early Intervention for Struggling Readers & Dyslexia Awareness at Ridgefield Library on Thursday, October 24 beginning at 6pm with Dr. Caroline Wilcox Ugurlu 

Why do some children struggle with reading? What is dyslexia? Are all struggling readers dyslexic? What can parents, caregivers and communities do to intervene, provide support, share information and create solutions for struggling readers/dyslexic children? We’ll answer these questions and more during this discussion.

Caroline Wilcox Ugurlu is a researcher, teacher, and Oliver Wolcott Library’s library assistant with a focus on early literacy. She has spent the last five years studying reading including the neurological processes involved in reading and the sociological, psychological, and cultural aspects of reading acquisition and its opposite - failure to acquire reading fluency. She has developed a method to help all children ages 4 to 7 break the phonemic code in a fun and playful way and has authored a book on the subject.  She is trained in the Wilson method. 

Register for this event HERE.

This evening is sponsored by The Couri Educational Series. Light refreshments will be served.


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