Paws To Comfort Author Event, Book Signing at Lounsbury House on November 18

You are invited to attend "Paws To Comfort" author and designer talk and book signing featuring former Ridgefield resident, Jen Marr and designer Skye Quinn at The Lounsbury House on November 18 at 7pm (doors open at 6:30 pm).

The event will be moderated by Richard Hastings, Executive Board Member of Compassionate Ridgefield.

Books will be available for purchase by Books on the Common at the event and at Books on the Common in downtown Ridgefield beginning November 15. 

An everyday guide to learning how you can help mend our disconnected world. Written by Jen Marr with Skye Quinn

You’ve been there. You rush into the grocery store and head down the bread aisle right into someone you know has cancer. The executive that just lost his job. The acquaintance whose brother recently died by suicide.

You don’t know what to say to them. You feel anxious. You want to do the right thing and do something to help but what if you make them cry? What if you make it worse?

Our intentions are good, but our skills are woefully underdeveloped. Never has there been a time that calls for learning how to comfort more. Despite our 24/7 technologies, we struggle to navigate the turbulent waters of an increasingly divided, isolated and disconnected world as we see escalating anxiety, depression and suicide rates.

Searching for a solution, author Jen Marr found one close to home and close to our hearts. Dogs. Dogs are natural-born comfort givers. They instinctively know how to make us feel better. This book is born of three core beliefs: that we can learn a lot from dogs, that comfort is a skill that can be learned, and that comfort is critical to mending our disconnected world.

Jen Marr, Founder of Inspiring Comfort LLC, is passionate about the skill of comfort. Her years of working with comfort dogs in crisis response settings opened her eyes to the depth of the need of comfort. She felt compelled to write Paws To Comfort after realizing yes, comforting can be awkward, but it’s a critical skill to our society’s connectedness and is a skill that can be taught in a simple way. Dogs can be some of our best teachers on the subject., is the Senior Design Coordinator at TIME, where she has been involved in producing its iconic weekly covers since 2005. She was attracted to working with Jen on Paws to Comfort seeing the need to communicate the role dogs play in teaching us all how to comfort others and realizing that everyone around her could benefit from learning this skill.


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