The Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra Announces Upcoming Season: Vision 20/21 - See the Power of Music

The Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra announces its upcoming season: “VISION 20/21: See the Power of Music”, with performances scheduled for October 10, 2020, December 5, 2020 and February 27, 2021. (If the RSO is unable to successfully hold the October 10th concert due to ongoing health crisis, it will be rescheduled for April 24th.)

“We will be flexible as needed and adapt as required and we will be there when people can gather and share our common need to experience that which is beautiful, creative and inspirational in our world” says RSO Executive Director Laurie Kenagy.

The concept behind “VISION 20/21” is to explore the idea of vision in the context of music and also to recognize visionary composers. “We want to consider what it means to have vision. To see something beyond that which is immediately in front of you” states RSO Music Director Yuga Cohler. “Vision is also a strong propelling force for humanity.”

The October 10th concert titled “HOPE” will feature the world premiere of “A More Perfect Union”. This piece was scheduled on the RSO’s April 2020 concert which had to be cancelled due to the health crisis. The piece was commissioned by the RSO and written by composer Paul Frucht. The premiere will feature renowned bass-baritone Kenneth Kellogg as soloist. Also on the October program, the truly visionary Symphony No. 7 by Jean Sibelius.

The December 5th concert titled “FATE” includes “Fate Now Conquers” by Carlos Simon and Symphony No. 1 by Johannes Brahms, along with the beautiful Violin Concert by Samuel Barber featuring acclaimed violist Simone Porter as soloist.

The February 27th concert titled “JOY” opens with a piece by New York City native Jessie Montgomery called “Records from a Vanishing City”. That piece will be followed by Violin Concerto No. 1 by Max Bruch featuring Stefan Jackiw, one of American’s foremost violinists, as soloist. The concert will conclude with Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7.

Along with the three primary orchestra concerts, the RSO has chamber concerts planned in the fall and spring and is anticipating additional small and outdoor venue events as well.

For more information about the 2020/21 season and the specific concerts, please visit ridgefieldsymphony.org.

The Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra is a fully professional orchestra, now in its 55th season, with the mission to enrich the cultural life of the citizens of Ridgefield and surrounding communities by presenting orchestral concerts of the highest artistic quality. The RSO also strives to increase the appreciation for music through community involvement and educational programs for people of all ages and abilities.


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