Flourish! In Ridgefield on July 18 and August 1


Standing at the Crossroads

We stand at the crossroads. A choice point. An opportunity to deepen compassion, strengthen resilience, and nurture innovation for the flourishing of our community. The question is will we allow the breaking open of recent events—the pandemic, the unveiling of systemic injustice, and the ensuing disruption—to open or close us to the possibilities of our present context? The challenge of standing at the crossroads, as our forebears knew, is that it asks us to engage with our whole selves—individually and as a community. This calls for vulnerability and a willingness to be uncomfortable. The gift, of course, is the opportunity to live fully into becoming the compassionate, resilient, visionary community we know ourselves to be. This is an invitation to Flourish!

Standing at the Crossroads

The Leader as Poet & Prophet      “I believe we can change the world if we start listening to one another again.” —Margaret Wheatley

This is an invitation to nurture the Poet & Prophet within each one of us, as we collectively make sense of our present context and commit to flourish, understanding that the flourishing of the one is dependent upon the flourishing of the whole. We have stood at the crossroads before, and with courage and conviction fought for our independence. Today, we fight for our inter-dependence.

The Poet’s Voice: Virtual Slam Via Zoom, 7/18, 9-noon The work of the poet emerges out of the call to capture the full experience of the community, thereby opening the way toward a new level of wholeness. Through a series of guided exercises, we will give voice to our individual and collective experience, weaving together our individual (at times, disparate) voices in a way that honors the creative tension as we explore new collective possibilities.

The Prophet’s Voice: Parking Lot Collective, 8/1, 9a-noon 602 Ridgebury Road, Ridgefield (Rain Date: 8/8) Where the poet calls us to reflection, the prophetic voice calls us to informed action. How are we being called— individually and collectively—to shape and lay a foundation for the next generation. How will we claim full responsibility and agency? What will be our relationship with one another, our community and our neighboring communities? How will we reside in this time, honoring our inter-dependence upon one another. Honoring the care of people and planet? Come, nurture the Poet & Prophet within! Where the poet invites us into reflection, the prophet invites us into action. Taken together, they honor an intentional rhythm of action and reflection for the flourishing of our community!

The Details This event is made possible by an Innovation Grant from the Southern New England Conference, UCC. To register, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. In registering, you commit to fully participate from 9a-noon on 7/18 and 8/1 (rain date: 8/8).

For more information visit the Poets & Prophets' website https://poetsprophets.org/


Deborah Rundlett has served in business, the academy, and the church. Her work focuses on the spiritual formation of prosocial leaders and leading change towards the flourishing of our communities. She is passionate about nurturing the poet and prophet within for care of people and planet.

Anita Howard, a contributor to Poets & Prophets, is a university professor, master executive coach, and researcher. Her work at Case Western Reserve University centers on coaching intentional change, emotional and social intelligence, and leadership for the common good/social justice.


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