Two Extraordinary Entrepreneurs are Building Businesses While Promoting Wellness

Join these local entrepreneurs this Friday, May 14 from 12:30 to 2pm on B.I.G. Connecticut’s global virtual platform as they share their stories and best tips for growing a start-up business while making a positive impact on women’s health. 
You will come away with a clear understanding as to why your vision matters and the importance of seeing your crazy ideas through. 
Megan Searfoss will inspire us to follow through with our ideas even when building the structure seems daunting. 
Megan will share how Run Like a Mother was built in 6 weeks with a lot of rugged lessons learned behind the scenes, but never giving up on the passion that led to success, both for the brand and for her as she opened Ridgefield Running Company. 
Ridgefield Running Company was listed as a Top 4 Running Store for 2020 by Diversified Communications, the Run Specialty Industry's magazine and communications platform. 
In July 2020, she took a huge risk and expanded her retail presence during the pandemic by opening Darien Running Company which was featured in this business section (print and digital).
Jackie Giannelli, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, NCMP is a Founding Member of the clinical team at Elektra Health. She is also the Assistant Medical Director of Maze Women’s Health. 
Jackie is a leading voice in Elektra’s mission to ‘smash the menopause taboo.’ She will share her story and vision for improving women’s lives during midlife by engaging and educating. 
B.I.G. Connecticut is a woman’s empowerment group that provides women the inspiration, community and tools to grow their businesses and/or passions and themselves. 
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