Jesse Lee Pumpkin Patch Opens September 25


Last year, we weren’t able to have real pumpkins because there was no safe way, during the height of the pandemic, to safely unload the pumpkins. That makes this year’s Pumpkin Unload on Saturday morning, September 25, an especially joyful event as we celebrate the arrival of the pumpkins that come from our Navajo mission partners.

The Jesse Lee Pumpkin Patch represents more than pumpkins. It is a symbol of resilience as we come together as a community and make connections that make a difference as we support our mission partners.

If you want to help make the Pumpkin Patch come alive, we will be setting it up on Saturday, September 18 at 9AM. If you want to have some fun unloading our first truckload of pumpkins, please meet the unloading team in the Jesse Lee parking lot on September 25 at 9AM.

The Jesse Lee Church Pumpkin Patch will be open weekdays from 2-6PM and Saturdays and Sundays from 10AM-6PM from September 25-October 31 at the corner of Main Street and King Lane.




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