Ridgefield's Great Swamp: What Creature's Live There and How Can We Protect Them

Learn about Ridgefield's Great Swamp with Woodcock Nature Center experts on Wednesday, April 27 from 6:30 - 7:30 pm at Ridgefield Library.

This event is co-sponsored by The Norwalk River Watershed Association, The Ridgefield Library, The Ridgefield Conservation Commission, and Woodcock Nature Center.

Swamps provide a wide range of valuable and sometimes hidden ecosystem services. Most notably, swamps act like giant sponges by absorbing excess water and like natural filters by trapping nutrient and sediment pollution. Ridgefield's Great Swamp is the start of the Norwalk River, so it plays a critical role in filtering water before it enters the river.

Learn how residents can get involved in improving swamp health - simple steps like having your septic system maintained can make a difference to the health of the swamp. Please join us in hearing from Sarah Breznen, of the Woodcock Nature Center and the NRWA board, as she discusses the value of swamp ecosystems and introduces the critters that inhabit them. 

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