Celebrate the strength and culture of Ukraine in Ballard Park on June 5

Ridgefield Responds: Hope For Ukraine kicks off with “Rasom (“Together”) in Ridgefield” on June 5th in Ballard Park

Ridgefield Responds: Hope For Ukraine will kick off the town initiative with “Rasom (“Together”) in Ridgefield” on June 5th in Ballard Park.

From 12-4 pm, the park will come alive to celebrate the strength of the Ukrainian people, enjoy elements of the Ukrainian culture, and celebrate our community’s connection with them through food, music, crafts, and festivities.

The goal of the June 5th event is to build awareness for Ridgefield Responds, gather more volunteers, inform attendees about our fundraising efforts, and motivate donors to support our programs. Through “Rasom in Ridgefield”, the community will express solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

To learn more about Ridgefield Responds, visit https://Ridgefieldresponds.org and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ridgefieldresponds. To volunteer, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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