Ridgefield Theater Barn 3rd Annual Concert for the Community on August 20 in Ballard Park

It’s time once again for the Ridgefield Theater Barn’s annual Concert for the Community in Ballard Park. This year’s event, hosted by Pamme Jones and Duane Lanham, with music direction by Lisa Riggs Hobbs, and accompaniment by Rodney Loren will take place Saturday, August 20th (rain date August 29th) at 7pm.

The concert, as always, is free, but reservations are required and donations are very gratefully accepted. Also available are a limited number of VIP Packages that include ideally positioned up-front seating for (4) and some RTB picnic swag.

Some of the finest voices in the area will be on hand, including Jaime Babbitt, Lindsay Carroll, Jenna Colavito, Joe Colavito, Alex Hartofelis, Bradan Janso, Mark Lambert, Melissa McGuire, Marilyn Crough Olsen, Laura Portera, Zully Ramos, Everton Ricketts, Miran Roberts, and Michael Valinoti for an evening of outstanding music in the beauty of Ballard Park.

The park will open at 5:30pm for those with reservations, and the entertainment will begin at 7pm. Patrons should bring their own seating, food, and beverages. For reservations please visit www.ridgefieldtheaterbarn.org


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