Ridgefield Chorale Announces Spring Concert

More than 54 million people in America sing in a chorus.

More than 54 million people, from children to seniors, from all economic groups, all ethnic backgrounds, with diverse political views, different religions, orientations, professionals, and amateurs come together to sing and socialize and work toward a common, beautiful goal: to create inspiring, beautiful music.

Our concert, “This Is Who I Am,” celebrates 65 of these people, the members of the Ridgefield Chorale. Hear the songs that reflect our diversity and our commonalities, from contemporary choral masterpieces to musicals to pop and jazz standards. Songs about love, friendship, personal struggle, triumphs and of joys and shared sorrows.

We are 65 in 54 million. Come and see who we are on May 13, 2023 at the Anne S. Richardson Auditorium at Ridgefield High School. Experience 65 becoming one.

This concert is presented with funding from the Connecticut State Department of Economic and Community Development/Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) from the Connecticut State Legislature.

For tickets, please visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ridgefield-chorale-this-is-who-i-am-tickets-558824407847

The Ridgefield Chorale, a contemporary music singing group whose members hail from Fairfield County Connecticut and Westchester County New York, is known for its vocal excellence.  Dedicated to the performance of contemporary choral music, from a cappella to Broadway, the standards, jazz and world music, the Chorale presents today’s finest choral composers and arrangers, accompanied by some of our area’s best musicians.

The common bond that connects the singers stems from their strong sense of camaraderie and civic-mindedness. Chorale members volunteer their time not only to blend in four-part harmony but also to help their fellow citizens. Members participate in numerous other community activities which impact the lives of children, seniors and students in a positive way. A vital part of the performing arts scene in Connecticut and New York, The Ridgefield Chorale offers two major concerts a year and a holiday concert, and participates in many other community events, to lift spirits and provide hope through song.

To learn more, please visit https://ridgefieldchorale.org/.

How To Join

If you love to sing and you value an artistic outlet in your busy life, you may want to attend rehearsal and see for yourself: Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. in Ridgefield. We typically rehearse August through May. For more information, send an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call toll free, 1-877-815-5635.  


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