Ridgefield Letter: Berger-Girvalo Supports Police

Letter to the Editor,
The number one cause of death for police and law enforcement officers is suicide. The stresses of the job combined with easy access to firearms create the pre-conditions for tragedies. The solution is to ensure that all law enforcement officers have access to the mental and crisis help they need, and, equally important, that they suffer no negative career consequences because they sought help. Our State Representative Aimee Berger-Girvalo proudly voted for Public Act 22-64, which insures officers cannot be discriminated against or penalized for receiving help.
Another critical provision of the act expands the training officers receive in responding to those with mental or emotional disturbances.
These are frequently the most dangerous and fraught assignments for patrol officers, with heightened risks for all the parties involved. I support Aimee for State Representative. Join me in voting to re-elect Aimee Berger-Girvalo on November 8th.

Arnold DiLaura
Ridgefield CT


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