Ridgefield Letter: Endorsement for Bob Hebert

One thing is clear after the LWV forum - Ridgefield needs Bob Hebert in Hartford 
I attended the League of Women Voters candidate forum held last week during which Bob Hebert proved without a doubt, that he is the most qualified candidate to represent Ridgefield as our State Representative in Hartford. Bob proved that he is in touch with the real struggles of Ridgefield residents and businesses having been active in the community for 42 years and serving as a two-term Selectman. 
Bob clearly articulated his position on the main issues at hand - the need to defend local control over education and zoning, tax relief to make Connecticut more affordable, and the need to offer support to educators, parents and children. Bob was sincere, not scripted. He didn’t deflect from the real issues. He didn’t engage in fear mongering. This election is about Ridgefield. It is about pushing back on Hartford’s attempt to take control of Ridgefield matters. This election is about who will be able to make fiscally sound and educated decisions to provide much needed long-term relief to residents and small businesses. This election is about ensuring our town and children are safe which means working with law enforcement - not against them. 
We need someone who can bring this town together. We need someone who will speak up for all. We need someone who does the research, asks the tough questions and defends our interests. Bob is that candidate. As Bob Hebert stated during the forum, “It is time to put people first, not politics. It’s time to end the divisiveness”. Please join me in voting for Bob Hebert, the best choice for Ridgefield. 
Thank you, 
Stavros Natsopoulos 
Millview Terrace, Ridgefield


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