Letter: Vote for Bob Hebert on November 8th

On November 8th we will go to the polls to vote for someone to represent Ridgefield as our State Representative.  We have an opportunity and a responsibility to give serious consideration to who will represent us, someone who will make decisions on our behalf.  We are placing trust in someone to do the hard work of setting policy that will directly impact each and every Ridgefield resident.

Like never before we need an experienced, authentic and forward-thinking leader who understands the complexities of governing during times of uncertainty and change.  That leader is Bob Hebert.

Bob places a high value on building relationships with Town leaders and residents. He believes that disrespect, contempt, and personal attacks create unhealthy relationships that undermine sound governance.  He believes that good relationships and sound policy serve our community.

Bob understands that being an effective leader means he must advocate for his position while remaining curious and open-minded about the positions of others.  During his seven years as a Selectman, Bob has a demonstrated track record of setting aside personal interests and influences for the common good of the town.

Bob listens carefully to others with a desire to understand concerns, ideas and perspectives. He is accessible to the community through meetings and events, by phone and by email.

As a critical thinker, Bob understands that today’s problems often come from yesterday’s solutions. He knows how to best limit shifting a problem into the future by maintaining a long-term perspective and considering the potential long-term impact of his decisions.

Being a good Representative for Ridgefield is not just about one’s opinion or stance on an issue. It’s about vital attributes, characteristics and qualities that contribute to the short-term and long-term wellbeing of Ridgefield – now and into the future.   

Vote for Bob Hebert November 8th.

Marcie Coffin

Ridgefield, CT


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