Incumbent Candidate Enters BOE Race, One of 7 Vying for 5 Open Seats

Diya Dorairajan Announces Write-in Candidacy for Board of Education

Divya Dorairajan, a dedicated Ridgefield resident of 9 years, officially declared their candidacy for the Board of Education, running as an incumbent.

With over 15 years of extensive experience in HR, Recruitment, and DEI, Divya brings a wealth of knowledge to this role. As a parent with a child attending Ridgefield Public Schools, they are deeply invested in the community's educational well-being.

"I am seeking a position on the Board of Education because of my unwavering dedication to providing every student with a quality education," stated Divya. "The Board holds a pivotal role in ensuring our schools meet the diverse needs of all students, and I am committed to collaborating with my colleagues to make this a reality."

If elected, Divya's primary areas of focus will include:

- Elevating student achievement across all demographics
- Cultivating a more inclusive and equitable educational environment
- Expanding access to high-quality educational opportunities for every student
- Nurturing the professional growth of educators and support staff
- Prioritizing mental health support for both students and staff members.

"I firmly believe in the potential of every student to excel," affirmed Divya. "I am dedicated to working tirelessly with the Board of Education to ensure every student has the chance to realize their full potential."

For further inquiries or interview requests, please contact Divya Dorairajan at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or via Facebook here.


Divya Dorairajan

Ridgefield, CT

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