Ridgefield's HamletHub https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield Sat, 03 Dec 2022 21:59:46 -0500 HamletHub.com Tigers Toss for Special Olympics https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/neighbors/74216-tigers-toss-for-special-olympics74216-tigers-toss-for-special-olympics https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/neighbors/74216-tigers-toss-for-special-olympics74216-tigers-toss-for-special-olympics

Ridgefield Public Schools reports that twenty-two teams consisting of Ridgefield High School students, teachers, and police officers competed in the Tiger Toss cornhole tournament with all proceeds donated to the CT Special Olympics.

Students in Jesse Peterkin's Sports Marketing class planned, promoted, and ran the tournament, learning about all the aspects of event management in the process.

Peterkin writes, "It was an awesome finish won by sophomores Rohan Connelly and Caleb Miller who narrowly defeated second-place winners, seniors Tim Grove and Lucas Williams. Officer Kate Williams and Officer Mark Giglio had a nice showing finishing in third- place. The winners received gift cards donated by many local businesses including Genoa Deli, Prospector Theater, Prime Burger, Sobol, Bobos, and The Cake Box."

Read this week's district newsletter for more about our amazing students and school staff!

kerry@ducey.org (RPS) Neighbors Sat, 03 Dec 2022 09:51:34 -0500
Some of Your Favorite Things at The Ridgefield Playhouse Tomorrow! Don't Miss It! https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/events/74217-some-of-your-favorite-things-at-the-ridgefield-playhouse-tomorrow-don-t-miss-it74217-some-of-your-favorite-things-at-the-ridgefield-playhouse-tomorrow-don-t-miss-it https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/events/74217-some-of-your-favorite-things-at-the-ridgefield-playhouse-tomorrow-don-t-miss-it74217-some-of-your-favorite-things-at-the-ridgefield-playhouse-tomorrow-don-t-miss-it

Sing-a-long Sound of Music and Holiday Market Tomorrow at The Ridgefield Playhouse!

The hills are alive as the original Sing-a-long-a is back more than 20 years since it revolutionized how we interact with the world’s favorite musical.  For those of you not yet converted, Sing Along Sound of Music is a screening of the classic Julie Andrews film musical in glorious, full-screen Technicolor, complete with lyric subtitles so that the whole audience can sing along.

A heart-warming story, based on the real-life story of the Von Trapp Family singers, Sound of Music is filled with such timeless Rodgers & Hammerstein songs such as “Do-RE-Mi,” “My Favorite Things,” “Edelweiss,” “So Long Farewell” and of course “The Sound of Music.”

Come early and shop our Holiday Market beginning at 1pm in the lobby!  Unique gifts and stocking stuffers from GoodThings OrganicsThe Rooted PlowJuju Bee LoveMusic & ArtsRockwater Pottery, Patricia’s PresentsUnique Boutique, and Suki Shima.

Be sure to stop by our bar and enjoy a beer from von Trapp Brewing and come dressed as your favorite thing, and win a prize in the costume competition!

Get your tickets ($27) here.

The evening begins with your host leading a vocal warm-up, judging the costume competition and teaching you how to use your items in your free interactive props bag. The audience then takes over as the stars of the show and almost anything can happen as you sit back relax, and sing along to the film. So, even if you’ve been before, come back and re-experience this unique interactive show and don’t forget to dress up as one of your favorite things!

Hosted by Ridgefield Playhouse Theater Manager Stephanie Fagan!

kerry@ducey.org (The Ridgefield Playhouse) Events Sat, 03 Dec 2022 09:31:59 -0500
This week On the Children's Shelf: holiday books, holiday decorations https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/life/74215-this-week-on-the-children-s-shelf-holiday-books-holiday-decorations74215-this-week-on-the-children-s-shelf-holiday-books-holiday-decorations https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/life/74215-this-week-on-the-children-s-shelf-holiday-books-holiday-decorations74215-this-week-on-the-children-s-shelf-holiday-books-holiday-decorations

Every December when I was small, my mom would pull out the holiday bins to decorate. Ah, I loved holiday bin day. She would begin decorating and I would look through all the boxes finding my favorite holiday things. We had this little toy bus with Santa riding on it…his head would move back and forth as the bus moved. I don’t know why I thought this was fabulous, but I did.

In between the decorations and ornaments were books…a few favorite holiday books that we packed away the previous January. Books I had forgotten about all year until I found them buried in boxes. Books that suddenly pulled me in as I flipped through all the pages.

I’ve continued this tradition in my family. I pack a few favorite holiday books in the bins with the decorations to pull out the next year. When my children were small, they loved when I would pull the books out of the bins. They would flip through the pages. As they got older, they didn’t pick up the books to look through but occasionally would see one in the bin and say, “remember how much I loved that book!”

It’s just a few favorites (not hoarder level of books). The ones you don’t want to give away. The ones your children loved that you hope they read to their children someday and say, “this was my favorite book when I was your age.” While there will be years that you simply move the books to the side and don’t unpack them, just seeing those couple favorites in the bin will make you smile.

It might be many years before my children flip through the pages of the books in our holiday bins again, but I will save those favorite children’s books for that day. Maybe they will read it to a younger cousin or a niece or nephew or someday their own children. I just hope someday, in their holiday decorations box, they keep a couple favorite books from their childhood that will remind them of Christmas years ago when we read those stories.

Jessica Collins has earned several Connecticut Press Club Awards and has been recognized nationally for her series "On the Children's Shelf". Visit her blog online here to follow her literary journey.

kerry@ducey.org (Jessica Collins) Life Sat, 03 Dec 2022 08:37:33 -0500
Woodcock Nature Center's Wreath Festival for wholesome joy, creativity, and the bounty of nature https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/neighbors/74220-woodcock-nature-center-s-wreath-festival-for-wholesome-joy-creativity-and-the-bounty-of-nature74220-woodcock-nature-center-s-wreath-festival-for-wholesome-joy-creativity-and-the-bounty-of-nature https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/neighbors/74220-woodcock-nature-center-s-wreath-festival-for-wholesome-joy-creativity-and-the-bounty-of-nature74220-woodcock-nature-center-s-wreath-festival-for-wholesome-joy-creativity-and-the-bounty-of-nature

Woodcock Nature Center's Annual Wreath Festival is in full festive swing!

Sponsored by Fairfield County Bank, Woodcock Nature Center Wreath Festival will welcome 1,000 guests and has already raised nearly $80,000 for the nature center's programs in environmental education including outreach programs and camp scholarships, care of resident teaching animals, and maintenance of our 150-acre preserve.

On Friday, Fairfield County Bank employees and some local small business owners gathered on the grounds of the picturesque Nature Center in Wilton where a crackling fire, festive music, and camaraderie unleashed creativity and genuine holiday joy. Lively chatter, deviled eggs from Caraluzzi's lunch by Parma Market and the backdrop of woodlands made for a relaxing and memorable afternoon.

With fresh balsam wreaths beckoning artistic flair, and an array of natural materials for the choosing, the Wreath Festival is a true holiday gift.

Thank you to the team at Woodcock Nature Center for continuing a tradition that brings people together for a few hours of wholesome joy during one of the busiest times of the year.

Woodcock Nature Center's Wreath Festival runs through next Saturday. There are still a few time slots available for the day sessions. Click here to learn more. 

Thank you to Fairfield County Bank for supporting so many nonprofits and bringing good things to life. 



kerry@ducey.org (KA) Neighbors Sat, 03 Dec 2022 05:09:21 -0500
Ridgefield Ski Team Movie Fundraiser on December 12 https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/events/74214-ridgefield-ski-team-movie-fundraiser-on-december-1274214-ridgefield-ski-team-movie-fundraiser-on-december-12 https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/events/74214-ridgefield-ski-team-movie-fundraiser-on-december-1274214-ridgefield-ski-team-movie-fundraiser-on-december-12

Come support the Ridgefield High School (RHS) Ski Team at the Ridgefield Playhouse on Monday, December 12th at 6:00pm!

They're showing the new Warren Miller movie, Daymaker, and raffling off various prizes.

Buy tickets here

kerry@ducey.org (RHS Ski Team) Events Sat, 03 Dec 2022 05:03:00 -0500
Need a holiday gift for the man in your life? Shop Hutton's for the best of the BEST! https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/places/74219-need-a-holiday-gift-for-the-man-in-your-life-shop-hutton-s-for-the-best-of-the-best-167007643374219-need-a-holiday-gift-for-the-man-in-your-life-shop-hutton-s-for-the-best-of-the-best-1670076433 https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/places/74219-need-a-holiday-gift-for-the-man-in-your-life-shop-hutton-s-for-the-best-of-the-best-167007643374219-need-a-holiday-gift-for-the-man-in-your-life-shop-hutton-s-for-the-best-of-the-best-1670076433

Shop Hutton's Fine Men's Wear for the holidays! 

Stop into Hutton's and make the holidays merry for your dapper guy(s)!

Shop comfy flannels, outerwear, soft quarter zips (by Codice) cozy sweaters (by Romeo Merino), attractive scarves, casual and dress shirts and slacks by top brands like Viyella, Brax, Raffi, Peter Millar, Johnnie-O, Jeans (soft and stretchy by Mckenzie Tribe) and more!

Plus, the perfect stocking stuffers: Pantherella socks, St. Johns cologne and colorful handkerchiefs. 

Scroll through the photos for a sneak peek of what's in store at Hutton's!

Best way to shop? Head to Bailey Ave where you will be greeted by Doug Hutton who can assist you in selecting the perfect gift for the man (or men) in your life.

You can also purchase a Hutton's Gift Card online here.

Questions? Call Doug Hutton at 203-438-6989.

Hutton's is open Wednesday through Sunday 10AM to 5:30PM • TH: 10AM to 7PM • F-SAT: 10AM to 5PM • SUN: 12PM to 4PM

Hutton's is located at 15 Bailey Ave. Visit them online here.




kerry@ducey.org (HH) Places Sat, 03 Dec 2022 04:07:13 -0500
Ridgefield Letter to the Editor: Two ECDC Cultural District Awards https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/politics/74218-ridgefield-letter-to-the-editor-two-ecdc-cultural-district-awards74218-ridgefield-letter-to-the-editor-two-ecdc-cultural-district-awards https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/politics/74218-ridgefield-letter-to-the-editor-two-ecdc-cultural-district-awards74218-ridgefield-letter-to-the-editor-two-ecdc-cultural-district-awards

Ridgefield's Culture of Giving

As a fourth-generation Ridgefielder, I am proud of the past and present traditions that make our town so special. Ridgefield's rich history is characterized by its legacy of giving in a multitude of ways.  

As CT's first town with a designated Cultural District, our rich tradition of valuing arts and culture is officially recognized. Our ECDC is capturing this with the announcement of the Cultural District Award and a call for nominees.  The ECDC can further honor this tradition by creating two Cultural District Awards, one for a historical figure and one for a current Ridgefielder, who embodies Ridgefield's spirit of giving. 

Elizabeth Ballard is worthy of the historical award.  Elizabeth Biglow Ballard grew up in a mansion on the site of today's Ballard Park. Her father, Lucius Horatio Biglow, was a major publisher of music, Biglow and Main. His partner, Sylvester Main, was also a Ridgefield native, music teacher and composer.  In life, Elizabeth Biglow Ballard was influential in giving to Ridgefield, through the creation of the Ridgefield Boys Club and participation in the Ridgefield Garden Club. Upon her death, she ordered her childhood home be torn down to create our beautiful Ballard Park for "rest and recreation". As we all know, the precious legacy of music in Ballard Park lives on because of the tireless devotion of Barbara Manners, who is worthy of the current-day ECDC Cultural District Award.  A devoted supporter of the arts for decades, Barbara founded the Ridgefield Playhouse and went on to found our beloved CHIRP concerts, held in Ballard Park. Outside her volunteer duties as a Selectwoman, Barbara has selflessly devoted her passion to growing CHIRP into a summer treasure that draws artists from all over the world and makes Ridgefield a destination every summer. Elizabeth Ballard would surely be delighted to know her gift has been put to such joyful use for more than two decades and counting.

Elizabeth Ballard and Barbara Manners: two women linked across history, spirited volunteers with vision and passion, are deserving of the first two Ridgefield ECDC Cultural Awards. Join me in supporting them by emailing the ECDC.

Submissions for the ECDC Cultural District Awards are due at midnight Sunday, December 4th via RidgefieldECDC@gmail.com.

Jessica Mancini

Ridgefield, CT

kerry@ducey.org (Jessica Mancini) Politics Sat, 03 Dec 2022 03:42:54 -0500
15 Members of RSO join Marie Osmond on The Ridgefield Playhouse stage Dec. 7 for an unforgettable holiday concert! https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/events/74213-15-members-of-rso-join-marie-osmond-on-the-ridgefield-playhouse-stage-dec-7-for-an-unforgettable-holiday-concert74213-15-members-of-rso-join-marie-osmond-on-the-ridgefield-playhouse-stage-dec-7-for-an-unforgettable-holiday-concert https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/events/74213-15-members-of-rso-join-marie-osmond-on-the-ridgefield-playhouse-stage-dec-7-for-an-unforgettable-holiday-concert74213-15-members-of-rso-join-marie-osmond-on-the-ridgefield-playhouse-stage-dec-7-for-an-unforgettable-holiday-concert

The perfect night to get you into the holiday spirit! Marie Osmond is bringing her Symphonic Christmas Tour to The Ridgefield Playhouse on December 7! ⁠⁠

Backed by 15 members of the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra she will perform holiday classics, favorites from the Great American Songbook and hits from her 5-decade career!⁠
The night begins with a pre-show holiday wine tasting of Garden Spritz courtesy of Moët Hennessy and art exhibit by RPAC Gallery Artist Charles Gulbrandsen Art .⁠
Visit Gallo Ridgefield for dinner before the show and get a complimentary glass of house wine with your entrée when you present your tickets.
Teed & Brown, Inc. Broadway & Cabaret Series⁠
Mountaindew Country & Bluegrass Series⁠
With Support From Texas Roadhouse

Marie Osmond - What A Wonderful World (GMA3 Perfor...

kerry@ducey.org (The Ridgefield Playhouse) Events Fri, 02 Dec 2022 11:42:39 -0500
Ridgefield Home for Sale: 94 Spectacle Lane, Country Estate Adjoining 130 Acres of Protected Open Space https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/places/74211-ridgefield-home-for-sale-94-spectacle-lane-country-estate-adjoining-130-acres-of-protected-open-space74211-ridgefield-home-for-sale-94-spectacle-lane-country-estate-adjoining-130-acres-of-protected-open-space https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/places/74211-ridgefield-home-for-sale-94-spectacle-lane-country-estate-adjoining-130-acres-of-protected-open-space74211-ridgefield-home-for-sale-94-spectacle-lane-country-estate-adjoining-130-acres-of-protected-open-space

Ridgefield Home for Sale: 94 Spectacle Lane

Exquisite, totally remodeled country estate on 2.02 stunning level acres adjoining 130 acres of protected open space, only moments to historic downtown Main Street for shopping, restaurants, library, Ballard Park, and theaters, plus just 56 miles to Midtown. Premier southern Ridgefield location with Belgian block lined driveway, expansive flat backyard bordered by native fieldstone walls and mature trees, plus custom fire pit and spacious deck for outdoor entertaining.

This sophisticated home offers impeccable design and highest attention to detail with over $700K of custom improvements since 2016 including the state-of-the-art new chef's kitchen offering fully inset custom cabinetry; quartz counters; shiplap breakfast room and island with bar seating; herringbone subway tile backsplash; top of the line professional appliances including SubZero fridge, wine/beverage fridges, and Wolf 6 burner gas range with griddle; plus new custom mudroom, pantry, and laundry with back stairs to the second floor. The adjoining family room offers soaring beamed/timbered ceilings, flooded in natural light with French doors to the deck, and a colossal fireplace flanked by custom built in shelving/cabinetry.

The main level also offers an elegant living room with 2nd fireplace and more custom built-ins; plus a dramatic open dining room. Total 4,533 sf with 5 bedrooms, 3/1 baths, and huge bonus room ideal for studio, fitness, or rec room with full bath. Luxurious primary suite with 3rd fireplace and gorgeous newly remodeled bath with radiant heated floors, heated garage and more!

Take a virtual tour of the property here.

To learn more about this property, contact Laura Freed Ancona here.


kerry@ducey.org (Laura Freed Ancona) Places Fri, 02 Dec 2022 09:48:45 -0500
Proposed Changes to Ridgefield's Demolition Delay Ordinance, Town Meeting on December 7 https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/life/74210-proposed-changes-to-ridgefield-s-demolition-delay-ordinance-town-meeting-on-december-774210-proposed-changes-to-ridgefield-s-demolition-delay-ordinance-town-meeting-on-december-7 https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/life/74210-proposed-changes-to-ridgefield-s-demolition-delay-ordinance-town-meeting-on-december-774210-proposed-changes-to-ridgefield-s-demolition-delay-ordinance-town-meeting-on-december-7

Preserving Ridgefield’s History

The Historic District Commission has been dedicated to preserving the historic character of the buildings and properties in Ridgefield since 1968. The Commission plays a significant role in maintaining the charm that visitors are drawn to and residents proudly enjoy.

For the past few months, the Historic District Commission has been working with Ridgefield’s Historical Society on updating the Demolition Delay Ordinance for the Town. The proposed changes to the Ordinance offer stricter penalties to deter builders and others from tearing down historic structures without first allowing a delay period for up 90 days. During this time, the Commission and the Historical society work together with homeowners to help them find an alternative to demolition and/or remodel in a way that preserves the historical aspects of the building. The updated Ordinance also aims to create a smoother, more transparent permit process for residents wishing to rebuild, repair, alter or expand their historic home or structure. Without these rules, Ridgefield’s historic structures are at risk of losing their character or being demolished completely.

A Town Meeting to vote on the Demolition Delay Ordinance is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7th. All are encouraged to come out and vote!

The changes to the Ordinance can be viewed here.

kerry@ducey.org (Gillian Sheerin, Town Hall/Social Media Office Administrator) Life Fri, 02 Dec 2022 09:14:21 -0500
The Ridgefield Plunge planned for Sunday, December 18 at Martin Park Beach, PBA seeks teams and supplies! https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/events/73936-the-ridgefield-plunge-planned-for-sunday-december-18-at-martin-pond73936-the-ridgefield-plunge-planned-for-sunday-december-18-at-martin-pond https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/events/73936-the-ridgefield-plunge-planned-for-sunday-december-18-at-martin-pond73936-the-ridgefield-plunge-planned-for-sunday-december-18-at-martin-pond

Take the plunge into icy waters to support more than 10,000 athletes of all abilities who participate in the sports training and competitions Special Olympics Connecticut offers year-round.
The Ridgefield Plunge is planned for Sunday, December 18 beginning at 12:00 pm at Martin Park Beach (19 Great Pond Road).
All are invited to participate in the Plunge, including individuals, friends and families, and teams representing schools, businesses, organizations, and clubs.
The Ridgefield PBA needs your help! They are looking for the following items:
* Tarps to enclose the Pavillion
* 2-3 propane heaters to heat the Pavillion
* A warm beverage distributor to supply hot drinks
Please contact Sergeant DiFalco if you have items to contribute.

Sign up your plunge team to take the dive by clicking HERE.

To join in the fun, participants must be at least 8 years old and need to raise a minimum of $100. In addition to the awards for top fundraisers and best costume, participants receive incentive prizes for their fundraising efforts. Spectators are welcome.

We will be offering both in-person and virtual. 

Register, learn more or donate on CT Special Olympics website here.

Penguin Plunge options in 2022:

Event Resources

kerry@ducey.org (HH) Events Fri, 02 Dec 2022 07:54:00 -0500
Ridgefield Playhouse Weekend Round Up! Fri 12/2 – Sun 12/4 https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/events/74209-ridgefield-playhouse-weekend-round-up-fri-12-2-sun-12-474209-ridgefield-playhouse-weekend-round-up-fri-12-2-sun-12-4 https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/events/74209-ridgefield-playhouse-weekend-round-up-fri-12-2-sun-12-474209-ridgefield-playhouse-weekend-round-up-fri-12-2-sun-12-4


TONIGHT, Fri, November 2 at 8pm it’s a screening of Elf. Join us for our 2nd Annual Holiday Food Drive & Ugly Sweater Party! Wear your most hideous holiday sweater for the chance to win free concessions for the night! And don’t forget to bring items to support our holiday food drive for Ridgefield’s own, Meals on Wheels. By bringing FIVE items for the food drive, you’ll enjoy a free ticket to the screening! Part of the Xfinity Family Series and Cohen and Wolf P.C. Movie Series.

Click here for the Meals on Wheels approved donations list.

For tickets and more info: https://bit.ly/ElfRPH


Then TOMORROW, Sat, December 3 at 4pm it’s Mozart’s The Magic Flute from The Met Opera Encore in HD. FREE tickets for students 18 & under! The Met’s first-ever Live in HD transmission—the abridged, English-language version of Mozart’s The Magic Flute—returns to cinemas this holiday season. Part of the FirstLight Home Care Classical Series with support from Whistle Stop Bakery and Xfinity Family Series.

For tickets and more info: https://bit.ly/METOperaMagicFluteRPH


And on Sun, December 4 at 2pm it’s the The Sound of Music Sing Along. Ridgefield Playhouse Theater Manager Stephanie Fagan hosts this engaging, interactive community event! Come early and shop the Holiday Market beginning at 1pm in the lobby. Shop unique gifts and stocking stuffers from local vendors: GoodThings Organics, The Rooted Plow, Juju Bee Love, Music & Arts, Rockwater Pottery, Patricia’s Presents, Unique Boutique, and Suki Shima! Come dressed as your favorite thing, and win a prize in the costume competition! Be sure to stop by our bar and enjoy a beer from von Trapp Brewing. Part of the Xfinity Family Series and Cohen and Wolf P.C. Movie Series.

For tickets and more info: https://bit.ly/soundofmusicrph


TICKETS ON SALE NOW for new shows announced earlier this week:

Blue October on Thurs, March 16, 2023 at 8pm

Formed in Houston in 1995 by brothers Justin and Jeremy Furstenfeld, Blue October is an alternative, post-grunge rock group best known for their hits "Hate Me" and "Into the Ocean". Over the course of their 27-year career, they have achieved seventeen Top 40 Singles on the alternative rock chart. The group is widely celebrated for lead singer Justin Furstenfeld's raw, honest lyricism, detailing personal challenges and struggles he has overcome. Their forthcoming project, Spinning the Truth Around, is a triple album, with part 1 out now and part 2 slated release in March 2023. Part of the Pepsi Rock Series Driven by North American Motor Car.

For tickets and more info: https://bit.ly/BlueOctoberRPH


The Machine Performs Pink Floyd on Sat March 25, 2023 at 8pm

The Machine returns after EIGHT past sold-out shows! Hear all of Pink Floyd’s greatest hits as well as obscure gems flawlessly recreated live on stage! Expanded theatrical elements and elaborate stage displays and lighting continues The Floyd spirit of the 1980's. Part of the Pepsi Rock Series Driven by North American Motor Car.

For tickets and more info: https://bit.ly/TheMachineRPH




Own a piece of Rock history! For December, we're offering an Epiphone Les Paul Special signed by musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, Steve Hackett. Steve's work (with acts like Genesis, GTC, Yardbirds, and so many more) is universally lauded as ahead of its time and continues to inspire to this day.

The auction closes Tuesday, December 20, at 5pm.

Proceeds will benefit the Leir Foundation Arts for Everyone Outreach Program at The Ridgefield Playhouse!

CLICK HERE to learn more and place a bid!


Get a glimpse below of what’s coming up NEXT WEEK, and CLICK HERE for the Ridgefield Playhouse’s full calendar.


For more information or to purchase touchless print at home tickets, go online at www.ridgefieldplayhouse.org or, you can visit or call the box office (203) 438-5795. The Ridgefield Playhouse is a non-profit performing arts center located at 80 East Ridge, parallel to Main Street, Ridgefield, CT and is committed to keeping the arts alive and available to all.

FOLLOW THE PLAYHOUSE ON SOCIALS: Instagram:  @RidgefieldPlayhouse | Twitter: @RPlayhouse | Facebook: @RidgefieldPlayhouse

lisa.barrett@ridgefieldplayhouse.org (The Ridgefield Playhouse) Events Fri, 02 Dec 2022 07:02:10 -0500
Ridgefield is home to the BEST running store in America! https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/places/74208-ridgefield-is-home-to-the-best-running-store-in-america74208-ridgefield-is-home-to-the-best-running-store-in-america https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/places/74208-ridgefield-is-home-to-the-best-running-store-in-america74208-ridgefield-is-home-to-the-best-running-store-in-america

Adrenaline was running high on Ridgefield Running Company’s Instagram page last night when they shared live footage from Austin, Tx of The Running Event. 

It was during North America’s premier run specialty trade show that Ridgefield Running Company was named Best Running Store in AMERICA! 

Owner Megan Searfoss opened Ridgefield Running Company in 2014 on solid ground. "We believe that moving forward is paramount to a healthy self. Movement creates a healthy, happy being and clarity of life perspective. These ideals come to life when you visit our store, meet our staff, join our training groups or participate in our community events". 

Searfoss opened a second running store in Darien in July of 2020.

Ridgefield Running Company was awarded Top 50 Best Running Stores in America 2019 & 2020 and in the Top 4 Best Running Stores in America 2020. 

Congratulations to Megan and her team at Ridgefield Running Company for being on top of your game… the best of the best in America!  We are excited to MOVE FORWARD with you!

Cheers to you! It’s time to lace up and get ready for many more miles of adventure!

Check out Ridgefield Running Company's Instagram story where the exciting event was captured live. 

Learn more about Ridgefield Running Company ridgefieldrunning.com

kerry@ducey.org (KA) Places Fri, 02 Dec 2022 04:17:16 -0500
Danbury Hat Tricks Holiday Party on December 14! All Fans Invited to Attend! https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/events/74207-danbury-hat-tricks-holiday-party-on-december-14-all-fans-invited-to-attend74207-danbury-hat-tricks-holiday-party-on-december-14-all-fans-invited-to-attend https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/events/74207-danbury-hat-tricks-holiday-party-on-december-14-all-fans-invited-to-attend74207-danbury-hat-tricks-holiday-party-on-december-14-all-fans-invited-to-attend

You are invited to celebrate the season with our professional hockey team, the Danbury Hat Tricks on Wednesday, December 14th  from 6-8 pm and is in Axe Tricks Lounge!

This 3rd Annual Holiday Party is open to all Hat Tricks fans and will include tons of laughs, stories and camaraderie with your favorite all-star players.

The Hat Tricks have had a stellar season so far and the holidays are a perfect time to celebrate!

The Axe Tricks Lounge is located on the 2nd floor of the Arena.  

RSVP to Herm Sorcher at herm@danburyhattricks.com if you are attending or call 203-794-1794.

Rounding out 2022, you can catch the Tricks when they play at Danbury Arena:

* Friday, December 9, 2022 (7:30 pm)

* Saturday, December 10, 2022 (7:00 pm)

* Friday, December 23 (7:30 pm)

* Saturday, December 27 (7:00 pm)

View the complete schedule Click here.

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RHS students eager to create Believe in Brooke Scholarship Fund, launch Catch the Gingerbread Man in downtown Ridgefield https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/charities/74206-rhs-students-eager-to-create-believe-in-brooke-scholarship-fund-launch-catch-the-gingerbread-man-in-downtown-ridgefield74206-rhs-students-eager-to-create-believe-in-brooke-scholarship-fund-launch-catch-the-gingerbread-man-in-downtown-ridgefield https://news.hamlethub.com/ridgefield/charities/74206-rhs-students-eager-to-create-believe-in-brooke-scholarship-fund-launch-catch-the-gingerbread-man-in-downtown-ridgefield74206-rhs-students-eager-to-create-believe-in-brooke-scholarship-fund-launch-catch-the-gingerbread-man-in-downtown-ridgefield

Two Ridgefield High School students Tess Coakley and Lauren Uecker are spearheading a community event with the mission of raising funds to create a scholarship at RHS honoring their friend, Brooke Blake, who passed away in 2020. 

Come "Catch the Gingerbread Man" and help build the Believe in Brooke Scholarship fund.

Gingerbread houses are hidden all over stores on Main Street starting tomorrow, Friday, December 2 through December 20th.

Join the fun with a $5 donation to participate in the Gingerbread Hunt on Main Street. 

Tess says, "Stop by our table outside Craig’s Fine Jewelry on December 2nd and 3rd and enter the hunt. OR Venmo your donation and your contact info and we'll send you a link to the recipe hunt book."

Search around town for the houses in the local Ridgefield stores and have your "recipe book" stamped once you find a house.

All proceeds are being raised for the Believe in Brooke Scholarship fund.

Contact Tess at tqcoakley@icloud.com with any questions.

Follow Believe in Brooke on Facebook for updates.

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