The Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra Celebrates its 50th Year with New Executive Directior Larry Kopp

Charismatic, well-rounded, and talented—are just a few words to describe Larry Kopp, the new Executive Director of the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra.

This year the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra is celebrating their 50th year under the new direction of Larry Kopp. Gina Wilson, who retired early this year, served as Executive Director of the RSO for five years. "She left the orchestra in great condition," says Kopp. "Gina's been fantastic - she's a gracious, wonderful lady," he adds.

The RSO is the 5th orchestra Kopp has directed. He says he has been "overtaken with joy" by the amount of support that the town of Ridgefield has given to the RSO.  Kopp admits he has worked in larger towns that were not as supportive and says he is "thrilled" by the way the small, tight-knit community of Ridgefield has embraced the symphony.

Kopp plans on continuing the RSO school programs (The RSO Goes to School). "Bringing the RSO to the schools has been a great program that reaches out to the younger, developing minds of this town," says Kopp who believes that teaching not only kids, but all audience members the story behind the piece, can be powerful. "If you know that about the piece [the background story] the more it interests people," he says.

Being that this is Kopp's 5th orchestra, he has had years of experience learning and developing with an orchestra. Kopp was first introduced to music in 5th grade when he began to play the trombone. Since then, he began to play with more professional orchestras and eventually found himself serving in the United States Army, as a paratrooper. This background, he feels, gives him the tools to continue to make a success out of the RSO.

"If you get them in their seats, they're hooked," Kopp said.

The RSO is a true gem in this town and under the new direction of Larry Kopp, we are all in for a treat. Kopp invites all to come and get "hooked" by the incredibly talented group that is the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra.

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