Why Should the Class of 2017 Consider Avoiding the New SAT? Chris Piane Explains

Editor’s note: The Princeton Review if offering HamletHub readers living in Westchester County or Connecticut a complimentary copy of their book,  The Best 379 Colleges. Please read the post below for details*.

The SAT is changing and our friends at The Princeton Review are on it.

“I can, with confidence, tell you that after innumerable work hours, millions of research dollars, the best and brightest minds collaborating to develop a completely new curriculum, we are better prepared, better equipped and better suited to help young people succeed on the new test than anyone else,” explains Chris Piane, CT & Metro NY Executive Director of The Princeton Review.

Over the past year and half The Princeton Review has been tracking every piece of information released by CollegeBoard regarding the New SAT, and readying our company for what will be the greatest, wholesale change to the SAT, in the history of the test.

Piane warns, “If you’re in the Class of 2017 here are urgent reasons why you should consider avoiding the New SAT altogether and using this summer to prepare for either the ACT or the current SAT.”

  • The New SAT is still full of uncertainties.
  • No solid score guidance.  The New SAT will be first administered in March 2016.  CollegeBoard is holding back both March and May scores in order to develop an accurate bell curve.
  • Princeton Review's research has deemed the New SAT a “more rigorous” exam than both the ACT and current SAT.
  • Most, if not all, colleges will accept either the current SAT, ACT or New SAT for class of 2017.  Given 2 other viable options, with years of solid data, why be guinea pigs for a new test?

“Start developing your test prep plan NOW and use the summer to get ahead of the curve.  I encourage you to call a member of our Tutoring Department,” says Piane.

Princeton Review tutors will help you navigate these tricky waters and create a customized tutoring plan with you.

Just for calling 203-226-2899 and mentioning this post, you will receive a complimentary copy of The Princeton Review’s The Best 379 Colleges*.

“I wish you all the best as you embark on the exciting journey to the college of your dreams,” says Piane.

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