Curbside Food Waste Pickup Services Now Available in Ridgefield


Curbside Compost Launches Service that Picks Up and Composts Food Waste from All Homes, Businesses and Events in Ridgefield

In an effort to improve environmental sustainability, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower the amount of organics sent to waste to energy plants and landfills, benefit soil and address how households and businesses are disposing food leftovers, town residents Nicholas and Erica Skeadas have started Curbside Compost. Their efforts will support the community and the environment by increasing recycling in the town of Ridgefield,

Increasing Recycling

It is the intent of Curbside Compost to bring simplicity and convenience to composting in Ridgefield. Individual households will be on a weekly pickup schedule while businesses and events may require a more customized schedule according to their needs. Curbside Compost provides clean containers, which are replaced after each pickup. Curbside Compost will pick up meat, fish, bones, eggshells, coffee grounds, vegetables, table scraps and leftovers from food preparation. A complete list is available on CurbCompost.org.

Food Waste as a Resource

The natural process of decomposition of food into compost takes approximately three and a half months. Curbside Compost closes the loop by delivering finished compost back to the home or business as requested by customers. Residents then mix the compost into the soil to nourish their plants and gardens. Compost is nutrient rich, a natural fertilizer and pesticide and can be used to reduce erosion.

For more information or to sign up for our weekly food waste pickup service for your home, business or event please visit CurbCompost.org.  

About Curbside Compost

Curbside Compost, established in 2015, is locally owned and operated in Ridgefield, CT. It is a company designed to provide environmentally focused waste management solutions and is licensed by the Housatonic Resource Recovery Authority.


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