Best time to remodel? Clark Construction says summer

Is summer the best time to remodel? "Well, certainly, yes it is," says Ann Moseley of Clark Construction.

Clark Construction shares some reasons why, and also some tips on how to get it done.

More daylight means that remodelers can accomplish more. In some cases, more work can be accomplished in one day because of the longer daylight hours. Sawing wood, whether its framing material or trim, is typically done outside and if it gets dark at 4:30pm, well, guess what, not much happens after 4pm except cleanup for the day.
Plus, warm weather enables remodelers to work efficiently. There’s no worry of a blizzard bringing the job to a screeching halt! No need to spend time shoveling snow off the roof of your new addition, or dealing with your slippery driveway that they can't get down.

If you happen to be opening a wall because you are adding a room, or if you are blowing out a wall to add a window, summer is the perfect time because you don't have to worry about freezing-cold air entering your humble abode. If painting is in order, summer is good because you can open windows to let the smell out and the fresh air in. And then there is the mud factor. During summer, a few mats will take care of dirt control. In snowy weather or the rainy season, work-boot traffic will take its toll on the house, and deliveries of materials will be messy.

Having the work done when the kids are on break from school, reduces some of the pressure and schedule constraints. Nothing disrupts our normal routines faster than having work done in the house! During the school year there are lunches to be made, buses to catch, homework to be done and commitments to a lot of  scheduled activities. That is chaotic enough, without having a home that is crawling  with carpenters, plumbers and electricians.

When you hire a contractor with excellent references, you will have the trust that allows you to get out from underfoot for a couple of weeks. You will be delighted with the progress when you return. Take the kids to visit Grandma or head for the beach. The workers can be in your house making a mess and getting the work done while you are away. The workers will have more space, and you don't have to worry about staying out of their way—plus when you come home, all or at least a good amount of the work will be done.

It’s also nice to be able to hang out in the yard if you are staying at home during the renovation.  During construction, you may be out of your kitchen for several weeks—fast food and pizza will soon lose their luster. Grilling is a favorable option especially if you move your refrigerator close to the patio or deck, set up a folding table for food prep and stock a large bin with paper supplies. You can also have light picnics that doesn't require much, if any cooking. Just the thing in the summer. Picnics are fun.

Outdoor additions such as screened porches and decks can be used for the remainder of the season. While you are out there soaking up the sun, consider getting your yard in order. Remodel, upgrade or simply clean up your landscape. Do it yourself for some great exercise! Some remodeling projects, such as a new driveway or walkway, might better be left to experts. But you never know: You might be ambitious enough to tackle these yourself, if you aren't off having too much fun!

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