Ridgefield High School Prom Story Encore: Two Beautiful Souls

After we posted the story, "Dreams Come True: A Ridgefield Prom Story", we learned of another heartwarming Ridgefield High School prom story - this one involving Ridgefield High School senior, Max Berger, and his prom date, Campbell Kinsman.

Max is autistic.

Max hasn't gotten to experience high school the way the other kids have. Garry explains, “No picture of Max getting his driver's license. No picture of Max holding up a certificate of achievement for one thing or another. No picture of Max in the sweatshirt of the college he'll be attending in the fall.”

Prom was something for Max to relish in. "He loves a good party. He loves the food. He loves the music. He loves just being around his classmates,” says Garry.

The secret ingredient to a wildly successful prom? The perfect date. Enter RHS senior, Campbell Kinsman. "Campbell is a kind, sensitive, generous young woman who didn't hesitate when my son Harry asked if she would be interested in a fun night out with a pretty terrific guy," says Berger.

A terrific guy deserves an equally terrific girl.  You can see from the photos here taken pre-RHS prom, Campbell radiated joy, love and beauty - from the inside-out.

“Thank you for jumping at the chance to accompany Max and helping to make Max's prom night possible,” says Garry.

People like Max Berger and Campbell Kinsman make all things right with the world.



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