Downtown Ridgefield Turned Solar Eclipse Haven

Hundreds of locals descended upon Ballard Park today to get a glimpse of a rare astronomical phenomenon - the first total eclipse of the sun viewable in the continental United States in 40 years.  

It was first-come-first serve for the safe viewing glasses provided by Ridgefield Library, courtesy of Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Space Science Institute.

Just prior to 1:00pm, the line to enter Ballard Park extended up Gilbert. By 1:30 pm, the glasses had all been given out. Ridgefield Library did not let attendees down - they handed out pinhole viewers. And, after those were given out, attendees received a piece of white cardboard with a pinhole in it.

Ballard Park wasn’t just about getting a glimpse of the eclipse.  There were picnics, games, and crafts. DJ Big Daddy provided clipse commentary from the gazebo.

As the afternoon lingered on, many park goers took a break to cool off in Ridgefield Library, or grab a hot dog from Chez Lenard.  The Prospector Theater set up a stand at the corner of Main and Prospect and sold cold water and popcorn.

Eclipse viewing continued all afternoon - all over downtown Ridgefield. The photo you see here (#3) was snapped at Nature’s Temptations. Mother-daugher viewers, Kally Daniele and Laura Spearman got creative with their glasses. “These are [lenses] from welding glasses, my husband is a plumber”.

Thank you to Ridgefield Library, Parks and Recreation Department and The Discovery Center for organizing this community event.  Thanks also to Ridgefield Police for keeping us safe with extra park patrols!



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