Spotlight on Ridgefield: Campaign to Re-Brand the Town

There has been some buzz around town about a new campaign to rebrand Ridgefield. True?

Yes, indeed.

“Right now we are in the planning stage,” says Ridgefield Economic and Community Development (ECDC) Chairman, Arnold Light.

According to Light, the campaign was born when Wayne Addessi, owner of Addessi Jewelers, brought the rebranding concept to the ECDC. “We will be behind it and give it support. We have already created a game plan and structure about how to go about it,” says Light. According to Light, The Town of Ridgefield has also expressed their support for the program.

Light says the first step is to raise funds to hire a public relations firm. “We are planning on funding the program with private funds, not government funds. We are looking to start with $25,000 and we are more than halfway there,” says light, who adds, “We are going to hire a professional Public Relations firm to help us with the campaign."

Light says capturing Ridgefield on video will be an important component of the rebranding campaign. “We are going to use video to tell the [Ridgefield] story,” he says.

While art and culture have become synonymous with Ridgefield, Light says that all aspects of Ridgefield will be part of the rebranding story. “There is so much art and culture coming out of this town, it’s a vehicle to attract more folks to come here to participate in these functions - to shop in the stores, eat in the restaurants, bring revenue to the town, and hopefully create more employment as well as new retailers to come here,” he says.

Interested in a financial contribution or learning about how you can help? “We are looking for donors to commit $2,500,” says Light. Contact Arnold Light via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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