Giant Smiley Face Emoji Gets Black Sharpie Blemish

Ridgefield artist Chris Curnan created a larger-than-life Emoji just over a year ago. The yellow ball of happy made its grand debut in August 2016 when it appeared on Main Street during the 3rd annual Art Walk Ridgefield.

When Art Walk came to an end, Ridgefielder Allison Stockel purchased the piece of art and donated to The Ridgefield Playhouse. "I purchased the giant Emoji because it brought so much happiness to people!" says Stockel, who serves as Executive Director of the Ridgefield Playhouse. "People look for it, they even take pictures in front of it, she adds.

For over a year, the huge ball of happy has had its home in front of the Ridgefield Playhouse entrance, welcoming concert-goers and serving as a perfect photo-op prop. And, for over a year, the smiley face was free from destruction, or any sort of vandalism. Today, the Playhouse staff noticed that someone took a black sharpie to the bright yellow Emoji face. "This is art - we want to keep it looking great so it continues to make people happy," Stockel says.

The Playhouse staff is in the process of trying to find someone to paint the smiley face. 





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