Ridgefield BOE Approves School Start Time Change

Last night at the Ridgefield Board of Education meeting, the board voted unanimously to support the Superintendent’s motion which called for Ridgefield Public Schools to "change school start times to improve the district’s alignment with the research on student sleep and health effective for the year 2019/2020.”

Board of Education Chair, Frances Walton remarked, “This change will support the RPS work in the vision of a successful graduate. It will also support the mission statement which strives to promote wellness of body and mind, and to foster academic, social and emotional growth for all students.  The board and school administrators will work with educators, students and parents to ensure a successful implementation of new start times.  

The decision comes following multiple local presentations, including the September 18th presentation by Dr. Jennifer Pappa Kannan of the University of Connecticut. Additionally, the BOE distributed a School Start Times Survey to parents, faculty, and staff. They initiated a public comment period organized by key issues determined by the results of the survey. A video of the BOE October 16 Special Meeting dedicated to discussion of the School Start Times Project can be viewed use this link.

For further information on Ridgefield Public Schools, you may visit our website at www.ridgefield.org or contact Dr. Karen Baldwin, Superintendent of Ridgefield Public Schools. (203) 894-5550, Ext. 1200


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