Weather Update: Strong Storm System to Impact Connecticut Sunday & Monday

Weather update from DESPP / DEMHS: a strong storm system is forcasted to impact Connecticut Sunday and Monday. Flood Watches and High Wind Watches are issued for Connecticut and most of New England.
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is tracking potential tropical cyclone #18 located just southwest of Cuba.  This disturbance is forecast to become Tropical Storm Philippe during the next 6 hours. 
The GFS and NAM models are forecasting that a strong northeaster type storm will also form along the U.S. East Coast tonight (north of T.S. Philippe) and impact New England Sunday into Monday.
The following forecast is based on a blend of the GFS and NAM models:
Tonight: Light rain is forecast to begin around midnight.  The rain should remain light to moderate thru Sunday morning as winds start to increase.   
Sunday: Moderate to heavy rainfall is expected to begin early Sunday afternoon with southeast winds gusting to 50 MPH at times bymid-afternoon (see impact graph below). 
Sunday Night: Rain heavy at times with strong southeast winds gusting to 50 - 60 MPH at times at the coast and 40 - 50 MPH at times inland.  Rainfall rates close to 1" per hour are possible at times.  The strong winds may cause a moderate number of poweroutages and the heavy rainfall may cause minor to moderate urban flooding and minor river and stream flooding.  
Monday: Rain tapering off to showers before daybreak.  Strong winds shifting to the west and continuing with gusts between 35 - 45 MPH during the day.  The strong winds will likely cause additional power outages.  The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection will continue to closely monitor this storm and will send out additional updates as necessary.
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