Hundreds Take downtown Ridgefield by storm in the name of Ridgefield Walker, Mike Nardone

The world would be better if we were more like Mike. Let's do this.

Hundreds of community members gathered outside of RVNA on Governor Street today in the name of Ridgefield's walker, Mike Nardone. Organized by Ridgefield resident, Debbie Haughney, the mission of the heartfelt event was simple - be like Mike. 

No headphones or cell phones, in true Mike-style, today's walkers talked, smiled, shared good wishes with passersby, and told their Mike Nardone stories.

At a comfortable cadence, for a little more than an hour, Walk for Mike attendees, some with dogs and young children in tow, strolled through downtown Ridgefield.

As the walk came to an end, Haughney loaded up the back of her truck with non-perishable food items that were brought by attendees to fill the shelves of Ridgefield's Food Pantry.

Haughney is committed to making this an Annual event. The Sunday following Ridgefield's Holiday Stroll, is know coined Walk for Mike Sunday. Be Like Mike tee-shirts will soon be available for purchase. Stay tuned.

Here's lookin' at you, kid!



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