Nature's Pure Skin Care Talks Sugar and Your Skin

Sugar equals aging skin.

I often find myself telling clients each time you eat is a chance to nourish your body including your skin.

Your skin is a reflection of what is going on inside the body. Making bad choices such as foods high in sugar are not only damaging to the body but are horrible for your skin.

My advice for healthy, glowing skin is to eat fresh fruit like berries which are low glycemic, as well as salmon, lean meats and plenty of fresh veggies.

When you eat sugar, insulin levels spike and then plummet which leads to a burst of inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation produces certain enzymes that break down collagen and elastin within the skin causing wrinkles and sagging skin. Not only does sugar contribute greatly to aging skin but is also the main contributor to acne and rosacea due to the inflammatory reaction it causes.

Sugar can negatively impact everything from mood to gut health, as well as dehydration to aging skin and acne - the list goes on with this sweet tempting culprit! To those of you who seek beautiful, healthy, glowing skin steer clear of this monster (in its many beautiful disguises).

The best way to achieve your goals for ageless skin to eat whole nutritious foods, drink plenty of water, exercise, and make sure you get your zzzz's. Fresh fruit like berries which are low glycemic, as well as salmon, lean meats and plenty of fresh veggies are crucial for healthy skin.

With the holidays upon us, think twice before you reach for that sugary dessert or that sugar-filled cocktail. Following a healthy routine will pave the way to looking and feeling your absolute best!

Instead of in your body, put the holiday sweets on your skin! Nature’s Pure Skin Care introduces The Chocolate Peppermint Facial.

Immerse yourself in the rich decadent scents of the season. This treatment is packed with vitamins, minerals, & super antioxidants which fight free radical damage & promote accelerated cellular rejuvenation. This 60-minute special includes a deep cleansing, enzyme exfoliator, steam, extractions, moderate massage & a Holiday specialty mask.Our custom organic ingredients will leave your skin polished, radiant, & super hydrated.

$95 Special (regularly priced at $135 ).

Offer Expires 1/7/18 & cannot be combined with other specials.

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