Ridgefield Public School District Begins 2018-19 Budget Presentations to BOE

The Proposed 2018-2023 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

The Ridgefield Public School’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) continues to be a dynamic planning and decision-making instrument that drives the evaluation and identification of those district assets in need of improvement; replacement; renewal; and/or upgrade. As a rolling document, the CIP provides the guide work for the development and maintenance of those anticipated and necessary long-range improvements within a framework of sound planning and fiscal management over a five-year planning horizon.

Prepared by Joe Morits, District Facilities Director, Dr. Robert Miller, Director of Technology and Operations Development and Business Manager Paul Hendrickson, this five-year roadmap typically contains long-term assets and project cost values in excess of $50,000 each. Capital projects eligible for inclusion in the plan are those operational infrastructure assets that carry an estimated useful life-cycle of five to ten years. As in past years, the clear position of the CIP is to properly balance expenditures over the full five-year horizon by maintaining an annual expenditure range of $1.5M to $2.5M districtwide.

To support the five-year plan, the district is requesting $1,449,388 in fiscal school year 2018-2019 for the implementation of the following seven capital projects:

1. Remove and replace 30-year old oil tank at SES, $100,750

2. Asbestos abatement and re-tiling (phase 2/4) at SES, $121,900

3. Replace and upgrade building automation system at SRMS and RES, $97,538

4. Technology and facilities upgrades for continuity of safety and school operations, District-wide, $475,700

5. Universal, inclusive playground at RES, $98,133 (Project Moved to Town ADA Compliance Budget Line - not part of RPS Capital Budget )

6. Cooling tower removal and replacement at RHS, $153,500

7. Replacement of running track at RHS stadium, $500,000

These projects address environmental, health, and technology and facility upgrades to ensure the continuity of safety and school operations. More specifically, the core infrastructure for the district’s heating and cooling systems, security systems, and instructional systems are all supported by network infrastructure and wireless technology. The district needs to upgrade the core infrastructure to mitigate risk associated with the aging network systems and outdated wireless units that do not support industry standard wireless protocols. The district’s daily safety, security, and heating and cooling operations are all supported by the outdated networked infrastructure. 

Review the full presentation HERE.


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