Making sexual misconduct a thing of the past, Ridgefielder appears on Good Morning America

Ridgefielder Ollie Jones knows what it takes to be a good man, and on December 20, he told the world.

Ridgefield resident and NYU student, Ollie Jones is on a mission to make sexual misconduct a thing of the past.

A founding member of NYU’s MARS, Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault, Ollie, along with his parents, Mary and Don Jones, appeared on Good Morning America on December 20.  

The discussion-style segment titled How parents of college-age sons can teach responsibility and respect was lead by ABC News' Deborah Roberts and featured six young men age 18 to 22 who represent a population of college students who are paving the way for a future where safety and civility prevail - at work, home, school, and everywhere in between.

How do parents of college-age sons teach responsibility and respect? Watch the segment on GMA where these noble and courageous men, together with their parents, discuss “locker room talk”, alcohol consumption, and what it means to be a good man.



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