Doug D'Jay Finds Balance in Hemlock HIlls

"Maybe It Is All About Balance" 

First I'd like to thank the runner or hiker who balanced all these rocks in Hemlock Hills so that I could hardly miss them on my Saturday trail run (which was my longest ever at 13.1 miles).
So maybe, since I was forced to meditate on it throughout my run, maybe finding balance is the most important thing. Balance prevents one from falling, and when the trail is rough and rocky then one needs someone or something else to occasionally lean upon. 
And it's very difficult to find balance if one is carrying a lot of baggage. Let go of a little weight every day.
And one needs to stay focused to stay balanced. Discard distractions not related to your path.
Another consideration is no matter how much of the above is true if one doesn't have a firm foundation then one cannot keep one's balance unless one moves very, very slowly. But that's a very deep topic that can't be summarized in a sentence...
And while I am striving to keep my balance on this long, hard, rocky run, I am delighting in the sweet breeze of spring.

Douglas J. D'Jay, the IT manager at Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association, wakes in the wee hours of the morning so he can run up or hike up a local mountain (rain or shine) before beginning his workday. 

D'Jay's photos of our local landscape are breathtaking and we have decided to make his words of wisdom and photography a regular feature on HamletHub


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