New Year - New Attitude Toward Healthy Eating

If your New Year’s resolutions include eating better, pick up a copy of nourished: from field to fork, recently published by Cristina Lombardozzi, certified integrated nutritional coach and personal trainer. Filled with nutrition tips and healthy whole food recipes, it’s a great way to kick start a new approach to eating. Cristina, who is also a spin and TRX instructor, was inspired by her visits to Pete Campbell’s Ridgefield-based Horseshoe Farm. Using his fresh produce, the book showcases recipes that align with the low-allergen, low-inflammation eating style she recommends to her clients. Beautifully written and photographed by Cristina and her daughter Kate, it’s sure to be an inspiration to change your attitude toward food. Says Cristina, “The energy, the taste and the whole experience of eating something fresh from the field is completely different and it’s the way we should be eating.”

nourished: from field to fork is available through Cristina’s website www.nourishtrainthrive.com and at Books on the Common.


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