RVNA Health Source: Don't Forget Brain Exercise

On March 6 at the Ridgefield Playhouse, 14 intrepid adults and 1 undaunted high school student will take the stage to compete in the annual RVNA Spelling Bee. Unlike their middle school counterparts in the National Scripps Spelling Bee, the RVNA contestants have not been studying since early childhood, do not consider a dictionary an everyday accessory, and probably don’t own Merriam-Webster flashcards...yet.

So …. how to prepare?

Melissa Woodhouse, RVNA Director of HomeCare and Client Services and a 2019 Bee contestant, suggests cognitive training. “Cognitive training essentially exercises for the brain,” explains Woodhouse. “At RVNA, we use it in different ways. Our therapists use cognitive exercises to help patients recovering from strokes or neurological events, and we also use memory games for patients with dementia, to help slow the progress and keep the brain active. While these situations are clearly more serious than the adult Spelling Bee contestant’s dilemma, cognitive exercises can be helpful, and fun, for almost anyone. Like the body which is strengthened by physical exercise, the brain too can benefit from drills and challenges.”

Free brain challenges can easily be found online and of course, for the Spelling Bee contestants among you, there’s always simply spelling every word aloud from now until the Bee.

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