Water that literally grows on trees, available at Nature's Temptations

Ridgefielder Adam North Lazar, an Army Guard turned product developer, is the brainchild behind Asarasi, a word meaning "Maple" in Latin.

In 2015, we interviewed Ridgefield resident Adam North Lazar about his new-to-the-market product, Asarasi, natural sparkling water created from the sugar maple tree. 

Since that time, Lazar's company has disrupted the beverage industry and has grown by leaps and bounds/ Asarasi can now be found in retail stores and restaurants throughout the country.

We just learned that Nature's Temptations joins the many local stores that now sell bottles of the only USDA-organic water on the planet.

"We are now offering Asarasi Organic Sparkling Tree Water! Water from the sugar maple tree. When the tree sap is collected, the maple sugar is removed; leaving behind pristine, tree filtered water. Delicious and refreshing!" Nature's Temptations wrote on their Facebook Page.

It was 2008 when Lazar attended a maple sugaring event in Vermont that the successful entrepreneur discovered that pure tree filtered water was left behind after sugar from the Maple tree sap is completely removed. He made it his mission to find a way to use this water to benefit the Earth, and all of the people on it.

The water is harvested and collected from maple trees at the same time the tree is tapped for its sap, which is 97% water. Traditionally, this water is wasted and disposed of, but now is beginning to gain its deserved recognition as the purest form of water available.

Lazar explains that drinking Asarasi allows consumers to be part of the solution instead of the problem while doing something beneficial for both your body and the environment. "Our commitment is to creating the world’s greatest natural renewable water resource from the Sugar Maple Tree, " he says.

Asarasi values positive and ethical relationships, especially with farmers, as they help to maximize economically struggling farmers’ profits.

This newish commodity is a unique, sustainable, value-added product. It is packaged in a sleek, recyclable glass bottle, instead of a plastic bottle which takes fuel and water to create. 

Tree huggers need not worry, no trees are harmed in the collection of Asarasi water.

View the map to see where Asarasi is currently being sold.


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