Sparklicious Studio Camp comes to Ridgefield Academy

Sparklicious Studio Camp comes to Ridgefield Academy July 8 through July 12! 

If your child LOVES art with a sparkly twist, HURRY and register HERE for Sparklicious Studio Week at Ridgefield Academy Patriot Camp for children entering Kindergarten through grade 5.

The sparkle team will amaze you with their fun and creative activities. To ensure that each day is a blast Sparklicious will include dancing and a daily dose of kindness quotes into each camp session.

  • Day 1: Create your own Slime (glow in the dark, cookie dough scented slime) 
  • Day 2: Paint It! Pottery (paint canvas) 
  • Day 3: Splat Paint Day (inspired by the Nickelodeon Show- Keep it Spotless)
  • Day 4: The ULTIMATE EXPLOSION CAKE BAKE OFF (Bake it and be entered into an exciting contest) 
  • Day 5: Batch From Scratch (mix natural ingredients in the lab to create soaps, lotions, bath bombs and more) 

If this is not enough, the other half of each camp will offer an exciting mixture of traditional camp activities to keep the campers engaged and happy. Bingo, tie-dying, science experiments, scavenger hunts, charades, crazy relay races and cooking, are just a few examples of what might in store for campers. The Patriot Plunge water slide and a trip or two to Barlow Mountain Pool will roundup the camp week. 

Come Sparkle with us! There are still a few spots left, sign up today at  www.rasummercamps.org


BIG news: Sparklicious is coming Westport, CT! Learn more: www.sparklicious.com


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