Life Line Screening in Ridgefield on August 27

Life Line Screening on August 27 from 9am to 4pm at The Lounsbury House

Life Line Screening is the world’s leading provider of preventive health screenings. They are coming to Ridgefield for one day only.

The screenings offer a 5 test package to thoroughly check you for risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions. The combination of these test help detect problems – before you have symptoms and while your doctor can still take action. 

Screenings can check for:
• The level of plaque buildup in your arteries, related to risk for heart disease, stroke and overall vascular health.
• Irregular heart rhythm
• Abdominal aortic aneurysm
• Bone density as a risk for possible osteoporosis
• PAD (peripheral arterial disease)

Packages start at $149, but consultants will work with you to create a package that is right for you based on your age and risk factors.

Book now and receive a $10 discount! OR call 1-844-591-7170
text the word circle to 797979, visit Pre-registration is required.

Many events also offer blood tests, including cholesterol, glucose and C-Reactive protein screenings, as well as take-home colon cancer early detection tests.

For more information regarding the screenings or to schedule an appointment and get a special discount call, (800) 690-6495 or you can register online at

Learn more on the Town of Ridgefield Facebook Page here.