Ridgefielder Snaps Breathtaking Photo of the Moon

When the moon hits your eye...

Longtime Ridgefield resident Rick Tango, an avid photog who studied photography and at the University of Bridgeport, captured the image you see here at Barlow Mountain Elementary School. He gave us permission to share it (thanks, Rick!)

"I took it in the late afternoon yesterday while sitting in a field of wildflowers at Barlow Mountain school," says Tango. When Tango was about to put the lens on his camera, he looked up at the sky. "I pointed my camera towards the moon and combined the moon photo in the camera with some wildflowers to get this image," he explains. Tango titled the photo "moonglow".

Tango's love and appreciation for photography began in a darkroom when he was 13. "It was the closest thing to taking an image just as my mind saw it and printing it on paper. From that moment on I was hooked," Tango says.

Tango recently joined the Ridgefield Guild of Artists.  His work will be part of the upcoming Art Walk, on display at William Pitt Sotheby's. 



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